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Family Pension

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  • On the death of a Railway employee or Retired Railway employee.
  • For grant of Family pension family is categorised into two.

- Category I

  1. Widow/Widower upto death/remarriage.
  2. Son/Daughter including widowed daughter upto date of his/her marriage/remarriage or till the date he/she starts earning or till 25 years whichever is earlier.

- Category II

  1. Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter not covered by Category I above upto date of his/her marriage/remarriage or upto death whichever is earlier.
  2. Parents who were wholly dependent on the Railway employee when he/she was alive provided the deceased employee had left behind neither a widow nor a child.
  3. Dependent disabled siblings of a Government servant/pensioner .
  • Family Pension to Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter and dependant parents will continue till death. 
  • Family Pension to Unmarried/Widowed /Divorced daughter and dependant parents will be paid only after other eligible persons in Category I have ceased to be eligible to be receive Family pension and there is no disabled child to receive Family Pension.
  • Grant of Family Pension to children in respective categories shall be payable in the order of Date of birth so that younger of them will not be eligible unless next above him become ineligible.
  • Dependency criteria for purpose of family pension shall be the minimum Family Pension along with Dearness Relief.
  • Childless widow of a deceased Railway employee shall be continued to be paid Family Pension even after remarriage subject to condition that the Family Pension cease once her income from all other sources becomes equal to or higher than the minimum prescribed Family Pension along with Dearness Relief. In such cases the Family Pensioner has to declare her income from other sources to pension disbursing authority every 6 months.
  • The turn of unmarried children below 25 years of age comes after the death or remarriage of their mother/father ie, the pensioner and his/her spouse. Thereafter the family pension is payable to the disabled children for life and then to the unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters above the age of 25 years. (Ref 2)
  • Every Railway Servant on entering service shall furnish his family details. Subsequent information will be submitted to Head of Department who will keep the information.
  • Family Pension will be payable to only one person at a time except when a Railway employee is survived by more than one wife or one wife and children from another wife or when twin children of a deceased Railway employee are eligible in which case it will be paid in equal shares. In those cases on the death of one of the twins or one wife cease to be eligible other get full Family Pension.
  • Family Pension is also admissible to post-retirement spouses and their children.
  • When both husband and wife are Railway employees or Government Servants on death of one , the other will get full Family Pension and in case of death of both, children will get two Family Pensions subject to the maximum limits laid down. However when is charged of murdering the Railway employee no Family Pension will be paid until acquitted.
  • Claim towards Pay and Allowances of a deceased Railway Employee may be paid on execution of Indemnity bond.

Procedure for getting Family Pension on the death of Railway Pensioner

  • In case the pensioner and spouse are holding a joint account, the spouse may inform the Bank of death of the Pensioner and request the bank for commencement of family pension, through a simple letter. He/ She may enclose a copy of death certificate of pensioner, PPO, proof of his/her own age/date of birth and an undertaking for recovery of excess payment. (Ref 3)
  • In cases where the pension is not being credited to the joint bank account of the pensioner and his/her spouse, a standard form called From 10 has to be submitted to the Bank. Witnessing by two persons in this form is necessary. Previous condition of attesting by two Gazetted officers is not required now. (Ref 3)

Two family pensions in case of widow of Ex-serviceman

  • Two family pensions are permitted where the pensioner is drawing or may draw two pensions for military and/or civil employments. (Ref1)

FP to unmarried son or an unmarried or widowed or divorced daughter

  • An unmarried son or an unmarried or widowed or divorced daughter, except a disabled son or daughter, shall become ineligible for family pension under this sub-rule from the date he or she gets married or remarried.
  • It shall be the duty of son or daughter or siblings or the guardian to furnish a certificate to the Treasury or Bank, as the case may be,  once in a year that (i) he or she has not started earning his or her livelihood and (ii) he or she has not yet married or remarried. A similar certificate shall be furnished by a childless widow after her re-marriage or by the disabled son or daughter or parents to the Treasury or Bank, as the case may be, once in a year that she or he or they have not started earning her or his or their livelihood.  (Ref 1)

Family Pension in case of death/Injury by hostilities/Terrorists/Dacoits etc.

  • Widow will get Family Pension equal to pay last drawn by the deceased Railway Employee for life/remarriage.
  • After remarriage Family Pension will be paid at the normal rates and subject to conditions following remarriage.

Railway Employee disappearing suddenly

  • Salary due, Leave encashment, PF may be paid on application and after expiry of one year. Family Pension also to be paid one year from date of first report lodged with Police.

Family Pension at enhanced rates

  • Family Pension at enhanced rates is paid for a period of 10 years in case of a Railway employee dying in harness.
  • In case of death of a Pensioner  below 67 years, Family Pension is paid at enhanced rates for a period of 7 years  or upto the date on which the deceased pensioner would have reached 67 years whichever is earlier.

Nomination Forms
Has to be given separately for:

  • Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity.
  • SR Provident Fund.
  • Contributory Provident Fund.
  • Arrears of Pension etc.


1. Railway Board Letter No: E(NG)I-2011/CFP/10 dated 19/02/2013 (RBE No: 13/2013)

2. Railway Board Letter No:  F(E)III/2007/PN1/5 dated 26.09.2013 (RBE 99/2013)

2Railway Board Letter No:  F(E)III/2005/PN1/16 dated 09.10.2013


Where training is in Training

Where training is in Training institutes bachelors accommodation is normally provided. But during line training at stations accommodation is not provided.

Sir,what are the leave rules

Sir,what are the leave rules in initial one year /apprentice  training period in Railways.

Sir, I am a mechanical

I am a mechanical father was in railways. he was expired in 2009 i would like to join on his behalf. He was senior section engineer.My quiry is what post i will get??
Also he was posted in u.p and but i want to join in what procedure should i follow u get posted in gujrat...some of them is suggesting to take exam in u.p after that i can take this possible...or should take exam in gurat itself??
Thanking you

Dear. why are you going to


why are you going to join after 3 years ?You must have did this in 2009 itself.,have you applied at your father's Divisional office for this 3 years delay in joining after your father's death ??

If you are a mechanical engineer then you may get a chance for junior engineer or section engineer .

all the formalities will be proceeded by your father's divisional office ,i am not sure about the written exam will be possible to conduct in Gujarat or not. but  you can get your transfer after joining, but transfers in different zones are only possible by "mutual transfer", means if someone in Gujarat also wants to get transferred to your zone then both of the employees will be mutually transferred.. 

if you have more confusions then you must visit your father's divisional office and consult the divisional personnel officer there.. he will surely solve all your queries.

Hello,   My father retired



My father retired from Railways in Kanpur in 90's and he passed away in January 2012. My mother has submitted his death certificated and other documents to the bank they were getting the pension in. Since Feb, the pension has been stopped but my mother hasn't received any pension till July 2012. When we contact the bank, they say they have sent a reminder to Railways and since all the pension work is handled by Baroda office, it takes time.


Please advice, who should I contact and where to find out how long it would take for the family pension to be issued.




Contact Divisional

Contact Divisional Office(from where your father retired) Pension wing with all the document. This is also required for her Widow pass.

I have a doubt. The

I have a doubt. The divisional office of Northen Railways is in Allahabad but my father retired from Kanpur.

Should I contact Allahabad office or Kanpur Office of Railways from where my father office retired?




Kanpur Diviional office.

Kanpur Diviional office.

Respected Sir,            I

Respected Sir,

           I am a retired railway employee and getting my pension through Canara bank.. 

The increased percentage of DA was added in my pension, but the arrears of dearness allowance was not credited to my account.  Please suggest  me what is the procedure I have to follow.

                                                                              Thanking you.

                                                                                                                               Yours faithfully,


Represent the matter to

Represent the matter to DPO/DFM.

I am a banker and recently

I am a banker and recently one case has come of conversion of super annuation to family pension.i wanna know what as a banker i should suggest the claimant. What is the actual process?

Banker has not much role in

Banker has not much role in it. It is the Pension Disbursing Authority of Railways job to do it. You can advise them to approach the Pension Authority in Railway Divisional Office with all relevant documents.

My Father served railways and

My Father served railways and got VRS in june 2008. till june 2012 he was getting Pension. He expired last month. I want to help my Mother to get the Family pension. Please tell me the procedure for this.

We have got the Death certificate of my Father. Please advice what we have to do next.

You have to contact

You have to contact Divisional Office with all the documents and make necessary changes.

Hello All, Just wanted to ask

Hello All,

Just wanted to ask that my family has not received the Railway Family Pension for the month of May and June 2012, .Earlier all the pensions were received on time in the Punjab National Bank. Please advice what will be the next course of action.

Thanks and Regards

Saurabh Sharma


There should be a problem in

There should be a problem in the office. Approach the divisional p

I am from ludhiana my mother

I am from ludhiana my mother in law's pension is reduced
I just want to where can i submit the application And to whom?? in
Order to know from railway department that whats her actual pension and why its reduced

Designation of Pension

Designation of Pension disbursing officer is mentioned in pension documents. See in his office.

sir,   mainai apni graduation


  mainai apni graduation aur post graduation private ki hai aur railway nai last collage character certificate manga hai .private education mai collage character certificate nahi dega tho ab kya karna chahiyai. aur mainai application form mai only graduation mention kiya tha tho issai koi problum tho nahi hoga.sir please help me thanks

Character certificate you get

Character certificate you get from the last college where you studied regular and mention.

It is not a problem that you didnt mention PG.

thanks sir

thanks sir

Sir,        My brother has


       My brother has completed 10th and ITI in welding, he desire to join Manmad work shop as apprenticeship, can your guide me about process for apprenticeship in Manmad work shop

Normally they advertise in

Normally they advertise in local newpapers. You can apply then.

My father passed away on 16

My father passed away on 16 june 2012  we have requested for family pension for my mother and i want to cheak as my elder sister is widow since 2009 and she is not earnng and she is having 2 children so far my father pay for her expences . We would like to know will she eligble for any pension benifits if yes what we have to do .

Plese do reply




As long as your mother is

As long as your mother is alive only she will get Family pension. 

Sir my father  expired on

Sir my father  expired on 29.12.2012in pay scale Rs-5575/..Retired date was in 2007.Sir the amount of family pension at normal rate as per PPO is Rs-1617 from 31.12.2007 .what is the rate of family pension after new pay commission.

  Dear sir, Widow daughter


Dear sir,

Widow daughter Pension scheme.

My father was ex railway employee and retired 2000, and he get the pension till the date, my mother is also alive,

when my father widow daughter get / Eligible  the pension and what is the procedure.

any application required to fill-up in railway zonal office or else please suggest, 



Mohammad Sawood Alam


As long as your father is

As long as your father is alive other members are not eligible from the family for pension,

Dear sir My grand father was

Dear sir

My grand father was Rail way employee, After his death My grand mother is drawing the family pension. Thru State Bank of Mysore - Kolar Branch Karnataka.

In recent past Pension book is lost. Could you please guide the right process & the contact person / Office to obtain the Duplicate copy of pension Book.

Thank you

You have to approach the

You have to approach the Railway Divisional authorities with all the details and a written request.

Could you please provide the

Could you please provide the Address (contact details) of Railway Divisional authorities, As I'm new to karnataka I'm not sure whom to approach.

Which Division/Station was he

Which Division/Station was he working last?

Dear Sir, My father

Dear Sir,
My father has expired in 2009 after retirement in the year 1994. He was serving in the South central Railway. My father has Two wife. First Wife doesn't  have children. At the time of his service he got married another wife. she got two children (me(son),daughter). My father First wife has expired in the year 2007. Due to illiterate and his having valid reason my father didn't include his second wife name in railway records. According to our state government we had all the proofs he has two wife.How to claim family pension? Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.



Approach the Pension

Approach the Pension Disbursing authorities with all the documents you have and give a request.

As your father retired in 1994 it wont be that easy.

Dear Sir, My grandfather was

Dear Sir,

My grandfather was railway employee,  in old Delhi railway (Mal godown) as a clerk. after his death in 1981 my father joined his job and doing the work till 1995.but in 1996 he resigned the job due to some personal problem so i want to know that can he get his job back or not.? even he get some pension from the department as a railway employee till 14 year or not?

There is no provision for him

There is no provision for him to rejoin Railways. For pension minimum 20 years needed.

Dear Sir,   I had lasted my

Dear Sir,


I had lasted my father 2 years back  my mother was also expired just 3 months before than  my father expired .. hence my younger brother got a job in railway in composion round .. now am getting pension.. can you please advise me still when I will be eligible for pension..




  Upto your marriage OR Till


Upto your marriage


Till the date you starts earning


Till 25 years, 

whichever is earlier.

dear sir My father is a

dear sir
My father is a railway employ at s.e.railway.khargapur.
he retired on 1980 & expired on oct 2008.till that month he got his pension trough state bank of india.i am unmarried daughter so kindly help us how ican got the pension?isend all the documents $ proof through state bank but they return to us they tell us to send railway irequest u pl help us wht is the ducoment they want & what the adress railway athourity s.e railway .kgp.kindly help me

You have to approach the

You have to approach the Divisional authority concerned with all the documents. Bank has no role in this.

Respected Sir, My father was

Respected Sir,

My father was a railway pensioner & retired in 1978 from Moradabad division. He expired in 30th Aug. 2010 at age 90+.

My mother Smt Premwati getting family pension. Her age at present is 87 years. She is coming in age group 85 to 90 & eligible for 30% extra pension on basic. But she is not getting. I wrote many letters to Railway authority in Moradabad division. Till date no reply is received. Her PPO No. 08783176 & getting pension in Main Post office, Civil Lines, Roorkee, Uttarakhand. I have given all the proofs of her age. Please suggest, how to get 30% additional quantum of basic pension.

Awaiting for your early reply.

With regards,

V.K. Garg


The only option is to

The only option is to represent the matter to higher ups. In Divisions sometimes they conduct Pension Adalats. Be on the lookout for it in Divisional Office notice board and represent the matter.

My brother who was a Deputy

My brother who was a Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer of Eastern Railway passed away recently. He has been drawing pension since his retirement in 1986. His spouse and only son pre-deceased him. His younger sister was unmarried and was financially dependent on him for the last 10-15 years. I understand that she would be classified as unmarried dependent sibling of my brother. Would my sister be eligible for family pension?



Dear sir, My maid servant's

Dear sir,

My maid servant's father was a retired railway employee. after his retirement and death his wife was drawing family pension. later on the wife also expired. My maid servant is a widow ( daughter of the above mentioned railway employee). will she get pension as her mother died ?



Till her remarriage she is

Till her remarriage she is eligible for Family pension.

My mother was drawing her

My mother was drawing her family pension .For a period of 3 yrs she could not submit her 'Life Certificate' as she was in USA with her son. Death certificate and other documents as advised by disbursing bank were  deposited after her death with Pension Cell at DRM Office at Delhi. Even after a lapse of 3 years, DRM office(ADFO) says that PPO file is not traceable. Can some body advice me , how to go ahead?

Best way to apprach is via

Best way to apprach is via RTI application. They cant dodge easily with RTI.Se e here:

Sir,         Kindly clarify


        Kindly clarify whether Widoed daughter / Divorced / Unmarried daughters are entitled to enhanced rate of family pension, if other conditions are fulfilled.


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