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Compensatory Casual Leave(CL)

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  • Group C & D railway employees (except supervisors) are entitled for Compensatory Casual Leave in lieu of working on Sundays/Holidays.
  • It must be availed within 30 days of the day on which worked.
  • Not admissible for those working as invigilators in RRB exams.
  • Those not eligible for Compensatory Casual Leave are eligible for conveyance charges.



I worked four seven day rest

I worked four seven day rest at a I not eligible for compensatory casual leave.(pppppppRpppppppRpppppppRpppppppR)

You cancllaim C Off based on

You cancllaim C Off based on weekly hours worked.

Sir,          I have taken


         I have taken the Compensatory Leave with 90 days whether it is possible to take, if my boss had permitted to to take because of work.

How you got 90 Coompensatory

How you got 90 Coompensatory leave? If it is permitted you can take of course.

School roster to be

School roster to be sure.

Varunanji, you are not planning to call students for scout activity around midnight because you were perfomring night duty in Loco Shed smiley.

Thank you Sir, If i am

Thank you Sir,

If i am following the school muster, in case of quarterly exam leave, half yearly leave and other school leaves is available for me. and can i avail CCL for the day i worked in NH.

You can avail Compensatory

You can avail Compensatory leave for the days you worked on NH.
Leave will be as per your original cadre.

Respected Sir, I am

Respected Sir,
I am working as Helper/GRII/Elec/ACLOCO/AJJ and i have been deputed to Railway Mixed High School Arakkonam for look after scouts and guides. what muster shoud be followed wether LOCO Muster Or School Muster. and alsi i worked in four Holidays and 2 NH wether i am eligible for CR or not Please sort me this problem.

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