Anti Collision Device (ACD)

  • Anti Collision Device (ACD) is a fully integrated Electronic Control System designed to minimize collisions and increase safety on Railway system.
  • It is a non signaling system and provides additional cover of safety in train operations to prevent dangerous train collisions caused due to human errors or limitations and equipment failure.
  • ACD system does not interfere with normal working of train operations.
  • Being the non-signaling and inter locking system it does not replace any existing signaling and interlocking system and does not alter any procedures of train operations in vogue.
  • Network of Anti -Collision Devices (ACDs) are provided comprising of a variety of devices such as onboard (Mobile) ACDs for Locomotives and Guard vans and track-side (Stationery) ACDs, Level Crossing ACDs, Loco Shed ACDs, Sensor based ACOs and ACO Repeaters. All these work on the principle of distributed control systems.
  • All ACDs along the ACDroute communicate with each other through radio communication when they are within a radial range of at least 3 kms. On board computers use inputs from Global Positioning System (GPS) for determination of train location, speed, course of travel and time.
  • Both mobile and stationary components of ACO system exchange information and take decisions based on train working rules and embedded software to apply brakes automatically without any input from the users.
  • If two ACOs are deemed to be at a risk of collision, the ACD system activates automatic braking operation to prevent collisions. Loco ACO is designed to interface with various types of braking system of locomotives.
  • System provides audio-visual "Train Approach" warning to road users at level crossings. At Manned LC Gates, when approaching Loco ACD detects "Gate Open" condition, the speed of the train/loco is reduced and kept under a pre-defined speed. Similarly, it can also provide warning and regulate speed in case of movements of land slopes in deep cuttings that are "sensed" through Inclinometer grids, embedded in such slopes. 
  • More than 2,000 Anti Collision Devices have already been installed over 2,700 Route Kms of track on Indian Railway system out of which about 1900 Route Kms are on North east Frontier Railway and balance are on Konkan Railway. Further proliferation of this safety device on the balance BG network of Indian Railways is being planned.

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