IRT in Level -6 of Commercial Apprentice

Submitted by F.S. KANKERWAL on Wed, 06/03/2019 - 10:04

Dear friends

As per RBE 28/2018 commercial cader has merged. 

I has selected as Commercial Apprentice in commercial department in pay scale 5500-9000. Date of appointment is 11.12.2016. Through RRB Bangalore. Now I have got promotion under cadre restructuring w.e.f.01.11.2013 GP 4200 to Gp 4600. Feb 2018 I was applied for Inter Railway Transfer SWR/SBC DIV to WCR/KOTA DIV on request.

But KOTA div had returned my application with remark that as per RBE 28/2018 direct recruitment in GP 4200 (LEVEL-6) has closed. Therefore vacancy will be filled by promotional quota only. 

Please clarify about RBE 28/2018 that Commercial Supervisor/inspector in Level-7 are eligible or not to get one way IRT in LEVEL-6 on bottom seniority. Please help ..