Duty Roster

Submitted by nabin_mandal on Thu, 03/10/2013 - 12:31

I am working in the track machine organisation, in the south eastern railway. Recently AEN/TM issued duty roster as under
Day roster from 08:00 to 13:00
and 14:00 to 17:00
Night roster from 18:30 to 23:00
and 03:00 to 06:30

There are no instruction about from dates day /night roster will be effected.
I want to know
1.This duty roster office order as per HOER rule?
2.AEN/TM is the authorised person to issue the duty roster?
3.How many hours I will claim for NDA?
4:Can I claim over duty allowances when performing extra hours before/after the
duty roster during night?
Please guide me .thanks
N B MONDAL,SSE/Track machine/SER.


Are you doing all these duties in one day?

Is it split roster?

AEN can issue roster as long as it doesnt violate HOER.

As per provisions of HOER weekly roster should not exceed 48 hours if C roster and 60 hours if EI roster.

See here: http://indianrailwayemployee.com/content/hoer-rules-hours-employment-and-period-rest-rules-2005

NDA you can claim for all work done between 22 hours and 6 hours.

Narendra dagur

Wed, 30/10/2013 - 23:04

Me enginiring gateman hu or 7:00 to19:00(12hour) duty le ja rahi hai or mera quarter bhi 4km duri par hai total weekly 72 hour duty lene ke bad bhi 1rest diya ja raha hai or please sir mughe bataye ki kya ye sahi hai ya iske alawa koi or benifit milna chaye....