Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme (RELHS-97) Reopened for all Railway Pensioners

Railway Board Letter No
2011/H/28/1/RELHS/Court Case dated 31/05/2012 of ED/ Health
Circular Subject
Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme (RELHS-97)
Board’s letter No. 2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 28.01.05, 21.10.05, 30.12.05, 10.05.06,10.01.07 & 16.03.09

              Arising out of demands raised by Federations & various Pensioner Associations, the subject matter of facilitating Railway Medical Services to all Retired Railway Personnel through RELHS-97, had been under consideration of Board for some time. After careful & detailed examination of the matter the following has been decided by the Ministry of Railways.


(a) For Pre-March 2009 retirees - The RELHS-97 will remain open-ended with a lock in period of six months for referral outside the Railway Hospital with the rider that this lock-in period can be relaxed only in an emergency provided the patient is either admitted or visits the Railway Hospital and the facilities for the treatment are not available in Railway Hospital. Such referrals are to be processed only on recommendation of a specially constituted Medical Board.


(b) For March 2009 and onwards retirees - The RELHS-97 will remain open for a period of another one year from the date of issue of the letter for all those retired Railway personnel who have not joined the scheme for one reason or the other. The lock-in period of six months as applicable for pre-March 2009 retirees shall be applicable for these retirees also. Henceforth joining RELHS-97 has been made mandatory for all retiring Railway personnel without any exit clause whatsoever.


                 All other terms and conditions of RELHS-97 mentioned in Board's letter dated 16.03.2009 under reference will remain unaltered.


                 This has the approval of the President and issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.. Wide publicity should be given to the above provisions.

Amit kumar chowdhury

Sat, 09/02/2013 - 21:13

Hi,my father got retired from kharagpur
workshop on 31-08-2009 .
On retirement he got "RETIRED RAILWAY
SCHEME" card,does this card is same as
If not then what is the procedure to obtain
And if so then what are the benifits
associated with it.

Hello, My Uncle is a retired Railways employee currently residing in Kolkata and is a member of RECHS. He and my aunt are planning to visit my elder sister residing abroad to take care of some family matters. Can he and my aunt have medical support through Indian Railways while abroad? Is there any scheme available for retired employees for medical needs while traveling in a foreign country? Thank you in advance for answering my question.

I have served in Indian Railways for 34 Years. I retired in 2011  as Sr Passenger Guard - Kharagpur division. At that time I didn't applied for medical card . I want to apply for the medical card and I have been reaching out to many people but I am not getting proper direction.

Can you please guide me on this.

Name :Venkata Ramana Murty

Contact Details : 9490201151