Change of Category rules for Railway Employees

  • Requests should not normally be entertained for change of category to Commercial and other non-technical popular categories like Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Ticket Collector, Commercial Clerk, Sr. Clerk, Jr. Accounts Assistant, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, ECRC etc.  except in case of surplus staff and medically decategorised staff in any category.( Ref 5)

Compassionate Ground appointment

  • In case of Compassionate Ground appointment, category allotted to a candidate could be considered for change only before a candidate accepts the offer of appointment and goes for medical examination.
  • Once the candidate accepts the offer of appointment and goes for medical examination then change of category can be considered only on account of medical unfitness or by an authority higher than the one who has decided the category of allotment. (Ref 4)

Change of Cadre in case of Group D Employees
Group D employees cannot change cadre from Technical to Non-technical (office) category normally.
Group D employees  can apply for vacancies in workshops reserved for them as follows:

  1. 40% of vacancies in from amongst volunteers from amongst regular staff of other departments who may like to go to the workshop cadre on bottom seniority.
  2. 10% by transfer from regular gangmen etc. as indicated below:

Conditions for transfer to Workshop for Gangmen / Trackmen /Khalasis /Safaiwalas

  • Gangmen / Trackmen may be allowed to change department to Mechanical, Power, Traffic, Commercial and to Works side of Engineering Deptt.
  • Such transfers should not exceed 10% of the annual intake of Gangmen / Trackmen nor 10% of annual intake in the relevant recruitment categories of each of these Departments to which Gangmen / Trackmen are transferred.
  • Khalasis of the Stores Department and Safaiwalas of all Departments may likewise be transferred to the Mechanical Workshop, but will be reckoned against the same 10% annual quota of vacancies in the Workshops as is open for absorption of Gangmen.
  • Half the length of continuous Railway services will be counted for seniority in the new cadre in which they are absorbed.

These intakes are subject to the conditions that Railway servants concerned should be suitable in all respects i.e.:-

  • Be literate where necessary.
  • Possess required physical standards prescribed for recruitment to that Department/Workshop.
  • Have the aptitude for work to which they are to be transferred.
  • The employee should have at least 40 years of age in the case of Gangmen and 35 years of age in the case of Stores Khalasis and Safaiwalas of all Deptts.

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Tue, 26/06/2018 - 15:34

Respected Sir, 

  My Name is Rakesh Kumar working as Steno under Dy.CMM/JUDW, Store Depot. I have been fixed in G.Pay. 2400 (5200-20200). i want to change my cadre from steno to clerical cadre. if it is neccessary to be decatogorised or be in bottom seniority, then i will accept it. 

Hence, it is requested to advise me, how i change my cadre through proper channel. 

with regards, 

Thanking You


Thu, 07/03/2019 - 09:47

Sir, I want own request transfer to Izzatnagar railway store beacuse of my mother and father need someone to take care. They are overaged and cannot do work without someone help. Please help to and tell me the process of own request transfer. Waiting for your kind reply.