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Dear All,


I want to know as per rules, how many days a railway employee can be in absent without informing to his head quaters? What are the actions can be taken for this? Is removal from the service given for this or can he regularize his absent?


Not even one day a Railway servant can absent without availing proper leave. The action will be decided through enquiry as per DAR rules. Regularization of absent will be decided after DAR enquiry.

The punishment will be decided by the officer concerned. It can be any punishment depending on the severity of the case. It can range from a simple warning to more sever punishment Pass cut, Increment cut(recurring/non-recurring). 

But in normal cases major punishments wont be given for a simple case of absence. Stay positive!

Dear Dhar Sir,

Please help me in my daughter's case. She delivered a girl child on 11-02-2010 and meternity leave sanctioned from 11-02-2010 to 10-08-2010 for 180 days and she was supposed to return back to her duties on 11-08-2010. But due to some misguidance we taught that we can extend the leave as absent and then regularize it as CCL. Till now she has not returned back to her duties since there are some personal problems for her. She can able to return back to her duties on this year Jully month only. This is not regarding her medical problems. This is regarding some family issues. She has one year CCL leave in her hands. I just want to know how to proceed further? At the time she is ready to go to duties ie) on Jully can we go directly to the concerned Officer and explain our situation and get regularized the absent as CCL for one year and the remaining as Authorized absent? Will proceeding on Jully will affcet my daughter's job? Or we need to do something now itself? Please explain me what to do next? We have nobody here to show us the right direction.  Thanks in advance.



Railway employees are not permitted to take leave without sanction in advance.

She should have applied for CCL in advance before expiry of leave.

Now the only option is to report it to her Headquarters as early as possible, expalin the circumstances to HOD. Only he will be able to help in regularising absence.

If you wait for July it can be late. In the meantime they can issue a charge sheet(SF5 for removal). If it happens normally you get a copy(if your office has your correct address). If you dont respond to the chargesheet it can be decided ex-parte(considering that you dont have anything to say on the matter).

Dear Sir,


But I have one doubt. Whether we go there now itself and tell everything frankly and ask the Officer regarding regularizing and that we need another 4 months leave? Is that possible that we get another four months leave? Otherwise we go on Jully with some medical certificates? Which is the best way rather than correct way so that her absent period will be regularized? Becoz she is completly depending on her job.   

Suvadip Barua

Wed, 21/03/2012 - 10:07

Dear Dhar Sir,
This is regarding the new vacancy i.e. CEN. EMP. No.:01/2012 of RRB.

In the above advertisement,  for CAT. No.:53, Junior Engineer (IT) RRB asking the qualifications PGDCA/ B.Sc (Computer Science)/ BCADOEACC “A” level course of three years duration or equivalent from recognized University/ Institution.

But Sir, Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Diploma in Information Technology ( both 3 yrs course) are also suitable for the above mentioned post. Because the post is related to Information and communication technology.
Hence, pls. clarify and provide me the contact no. and mail ID of RRB to whom I have to contact if the above qualifications also eligible for the post of J.E. (IT).
​Thanks and Regards,
​Suvadip Barua
​Software Technology Parks of India
Mins. of Communication and IT

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        1] i have served for 4 yrs as permanent  employee.

         2] i have remained absent for 8 yrs. due to domestic


          3]no action or letter sent to me to join the duty or enquire 

              was sent to me or dr enquiry conducted. is this the administration 

              failure. am i going  to to penalized for this act. 

           4] i wish to join the duty now.tell me what  will be course of action?

                tell me how i should be prepared for the enquire if its conducted?

                pl tell me what penalty will be imposed on me? weather my absent

                days will be included in my service or they will cut the service and promotion. 

                pl let me know.

                thank you

                jonny boy.



You have remained 8 years absent and you want to join back . Are you still on the rolls of the office where you worked. Most probably they give public notice of removal and removed you.
If it is not done so far they will conduct an enquiry. Even if you are taken back in service 8 year will be break in service without any privilege.

jony boy (not verified)

Fri, 14/09/2012 - 11:40

dear sir,




               THANK YOU

                JONNY BOY 

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My brother joined the railways in 1978 served till 1998. during the period from 1994 to 98 he remained absent not contineously for some family problems. during 1998 he was removed from service . Now he is 58 and his family has left him . He is ailing now with no income. His request for reappointment over the years was unheard of . 

Please let me know , whether he could be able to get the compassionate allowance , RELHS (medical ) facilities on representation 

please reply 


Sat, 20/09/2014 - 15:43

Sir,iam trackman my posting date was 21/03/2014. I worked 6 days and absent 6 months not informed head qurters.present iam joining duty.which actions taken to me? And what is the process? Please help me..


Mon, 13/10/2014 - 13:58

Sir,iam trackman my posting date was 03 oct 2012. I worked 6 days and absent 2 year not informed head qurters.present iam joining duty.which actions taken to me? And what is the process? Please help me..


Sun, 19/10/2014 - 09:24

Dear sir/mam i have joined as trackman on 17/09/2014 in jind (NR). i want absent for 15 days from 25/10/2014. What should be done by me? And what maximum punishment will be given for me?


Thu, 17/03/2016 - 17:49

Dear sir/mam my brother late s.sarvesh kumar was working as asst loco pilot in ambala cantt(ncr), died on mar19 2012 as he fell of from first floor of railway hospital. he was punished for signal overshooting. and was put on hold for three months. daily he goes to the office put the attendance and come back. suddenly we heard that he fell from the hospital first floor due to depression. he was admitted to chandigarh P.G.I and declared dead after 3 days. i was there in the hospital. i seen my brothers death in front of me, i till now i dont understand whose fault was that.

The senior officials told me that you dont have to worry we will appoint you on compassionate ground. now it over 4 years not even any financial help we get from railways nor appointment. my mother also died in the same year. i am unemployed person dependent on my retd father. to whom i should appeal please guide me . thank you

  1. Sir what is punishment transfer,what can be its causes& where the employee can be transferred,inter division or inter railway,& is punishment transfer is possible in sf11

Sir what is punishment transfer

Whether punishment transfer is possible in sf11 if yes whether it may be inter division or inter railway in case of unauthorised absence

Hi sir myself ashok.

Sir my father was retd railway employee & he was recently died . In her p.p.o account behalf of him my mother name is there for pension. But her s.b.i pension account is solo account. May I know what is the process for getting pension. By contacting the bank they said to contact the D.R.M office and may I know is the any other allowence. Can I get from railways eg. Full pension etc. Please help me sir.