Transfer Rules

  • Normally a Railway employee is employed throughout his service on the same Railway or Railway establishment to which he is posted on first appointment.
  • A Railway employee claim as a matter of right to be transferred to any other Railway establishment.


Types of Transfer

  • On Administrative Grounds
  1. Simple Transfer.
  2. Promotions.
  3. reduction in establishment.
  4. Punishment.
  • On the request of employee
  1. One way transfer.
  2. Mutual Transfer.

In Administrative interest

  • Whenever transfer is in administrative interest, seniority is not lost.
  • Trade union office bearers not to be transferred without agreement of union concerned except in cases of Vigilance cases, promotion, legal requirement etc.
  • SC/ST may normally be transferred at stations where they can be provided with quarters or to home station.
  • Employees with children having hearing impairment or multiple disability who apply may be considered for posting in the same state to the extant possible.
  • To avoid fraud in transfers Railway Board has laid down a procedure which requires submission of as many copies of application as the officials/levels through which it has to move with a photo of the employee in each.

Own Request

  • In case of Transfer at one’s own request to a new seniority unit the employee gets the bottommost seniority on the day of joining new station.
  • If the transfer takes place within the same seniority unit the seniority will be maintained.
  • Service rendered in the old unit will count as Qualifying Service for promotion in the new unit provided  (i)he is otherwise eligible for selection to the post as per extant rules. (ii)The category in which he was working in the old unit is an eligible category for selection in the new unit also. (iii)The service so allowed to be counted does not exceed the length of service of immediate senior in the new unit.

Mutual Transfer

  • In case of Mutual Transfer both the employees gets the seniority of junior of them.
  • Request for backtracking of mutual transfer shall not be entertained.

Periodical Transfers

  • Certain posts are identified as sensitive in view of the Railway employee coming into contact with public /contractors or handling pay bills/passes etc.
  • These categories of Railwaymen will be transferred after 4 years of service in a station.
  • The categories include ASMs(excluding those posted at way side stations), Stock verifiers, JE/SE(Works and Permanent Way) in charge of Stores, dealing with Contractors.

Ticket Checking Staff

  • Ticket Checking Staff indulging in malpractices is sent on Inter Railway/Inter Divisional Transfer as a matter of policy. General Manger will review DAR cases of those staff let off on ‘Censure’ on merit of each case and decide if transfer ordered be canceled or not.

Supervisors directly connected with the safety of train operations

  • Supervisors directly connected with the safety of train operations be transferred as recommended by CRS after review of their past performance based on merit of each case.

Transfer of Staff to IRCTC

  • All Group C and D employees working in various catering/vending unit has been transferred to IRCTC along with their posts.
  • Those staff who opt to revert back shall be considered as surplus and treated as such.

NF Railway

  • Group A officers initially allotted to NF Railway shall be considered for transfer out of NFR after putting 8 years of service.
  • On completion of tenure they can submit 3 choices of Railway/Units of their preference and efforts will be made to accommodate their choice subject to administrative feasibility.




    Main Technician grade 1 hi aur main technician grade 3 k saath Mutual transfer karna chahta hun par DPO office kehta hai ki same grade hona chahiye, maine kaha bhi ki agar mutual transfer hoga to maine grade 3 me janane ko taiyar hu, par wo kehte hai ki pahle tum yahi par revert hokar grade 3 bano uske baad apply karo aur kehte hai ki TR-D me revert nahi kar sakte,

To mujhe yah bataye ki kya yahi process hai ya koi aur rasta hai. 

Is it possible to get transfer under "one way own interest" from workshop to diesel shed at bottom seniority as mentioned in article ? And if it is so then what are the rules regarding this?


And is mutual transfer possible between a wshop JE n diesel JE?

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