Casual Leave(CL)

Upto 31.12.1997
From 01.01.1998
12 per year
8 per year
Those not enjoying Gazetted holidays
15 per year
10 per year
NF Railway employees
5 days extra
  • Can be combined with Special Casual Leave(SCL) and with no other leave.
  • Can be granted for half day also.
  • Can be granted to any extend due at a time.
  • Sundays, Holidays, Restricted holidays, can be prefixed/suffixed to CL.
  • Can be taken even while on tour.


i am an apprentice gr.III Technician appointed through rrb bilaspur. The training period of ( six month ) is prescribed.
Kindly inform that how many days of CL , APL And HAPL will be admissible during the apprentice piriod ?


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Apprentices may be granted leave on full stipend for a period not exceeding 16 days and on half stipend on medical certificate for a period not exceeding 20 days in an year of apprenticeship.


I was posted as trackman on 07/02/2012 in North East Frontier railway. please tell me how many CL I can get? Please reply.......I am waiting for your reply.

Good evng sir please clarify me what types of leaves can avail Ministerial Staff at Divisions and Workshops.

Recently i was transferred from Divnl.Hospital to Workshop Hospital as Sr.Clerk

before i am availing 08days CL'S and 02 days RH's

now at workshop they are not allowing me to avail RH's please clarify the above if not possible how it will compensate.

thank u

Please clarify whether casual leave suffixed by an national holiday and then followed by an LAP is permitted or not, by which rule it is permitted or prohibited



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There is no problem in combining NH with CL. But CL and LAP cant be converted. Rule 507 of INDIAN RAILWAY ESTABLISHMENT CODE says "Casual leave which is not recognised as leave under these rules shall not be combined with any other kind of leave admissible under these rules(LAP,LHAP etc.)."



NH can be availed prefixing/suffixing with LAP or not?

PL can be clubbed with any other leave or not?




please clarify that the Ministerial staff classified under which category? why the roster hrs are different for ministerial staff of Divisional (5days)and sub divisional(5and a half days)/unit offices(6days)? are they classified under same category or different? 






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