In case of interzone direct transfer application

I want to go direct transfer from ckp div./S.E.Rly to danapur div/E.C.RLY.

TELLme i have to join on one step below in danapur div...?

Please confirm me. Dial7903670958


Then i have to go transfer on  mutual basis. I am from OBC. My appointment is in 1999.My one mutual party is in SSE new appointment(st/sc). Can i sett mutual transfer. Reply

नमस्कार  Sir,मेरा appointment 27/11/2012 को हुआ है I मैंने september 2017 को advance pass 2018 issue करवाया है I मेरे service के 5 year november 2017 में हो गये हैं I 2017 का one set pass मैं march 2017 में issue करवा चुका हूँ I november 2017 से मैं 3 set pass का intitle हो गया हूँ I क्या मुझे 2017 के बाकी 2 set pass मिलेंगे ? please answer asap....Thanxs

Gautam kumar

I want to mutual transfer dhanbad to samastipur, sonpur, danapur,and Varanshi 

Dev.gp1800,dasic pay-19100 helper2.

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