enamali in my 6th pc pay fixation.

Submitted by mandira dey on Thu, 20/02/2014 - 21:29

1/1/2006 my basic pay was 6900/ as nursing sister and pay scale 5500-175-9000 and my regular increment on may manth.I got promotion as a matron on 12/4/2006.I demanded my pay fixation according to cpo/ccc's sl,no 178/81 from may manth.My basicpay fixed on7300/ pay scale 6500-200-10500.After 6th pc my basic pay fixed at18640/ payscale 9300-34800 grade pay 4800/from september 2008 as nursing sister. After few month march 2009 again my basicpay fixed at 22280/ payscale 15600-39100 and grade pay 5400/as chief metron.Sir I had doubt that my pay fixayion is not done accuratly & properly.Now my basicpay is 25840/(fromjuly2013).Sir please check and show me that it corret or not . Sir please show how it is done?