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Circulars on Transfer rules Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
MACP in case of unilateral transfer and benchmark for MACP 31/01/2013 08/2012
Inter-Railway own request transfer of sportspersons recruited against sports quota 07/03/2012 30/2012
Journey on Transfer/Retirement. 14/02/2012 19/2012
Travelling allowance rules-Journey on Transfer/Retirement 01/09/2011 118/2011
Entitlements on Kit Pass admissible to Railway servants on transfer/retirement 01/08/2011 112/2011
Retention of railway quarter by Railway officers/Staff posted to ECR and NWR 13/07/2011 104/2011
Periodical Transfer of Railway employees - inclusion of Assistant Stock Verifiers (ASVs) 20/06/2011 94/2011
Payment of Composite Transfer Grant 26/05/2011 76/2011
Inter-Divisional/Unit transfer of sportspersons recruited against Sports quota 25/05/2011 75/2011
Posting of Group A officers on return from foreign assignment 11/03/2011
Travelling Allowance Rules- Journey on Transfer 08/03/2011 30/2011
Minimum service period for Inter-Railway/Divisional transfer for staff on Sports Quota. 24/02/2011 28/2011
Inter Railway/Inter Division Transfer of sportsperson recruited against sports quota 17/02/2011 23/2011
Revised entitlement of Travelling Allowance (TA) in case of Journey on Transfer 29/12/2010 189/2010
Transfer on deputation/foreign service of Central Government Employees to ex-cadre posts 28/07/2010 106/2010
Periodical transfer of Railway Employees holding sensitive posts on Railways 04/03/2010 39/2010
Posting of husband and wife at the same station 02/02/2010 23/2010
Backtracking from Mutual transfer 12/11/2009 200/2009
Maintaining separate register for posting husband and wife at the same place 18/09/2009 170/2009
Retention of Railway quarter at the previous place of posting by Railway employees posted to Northeast Frontier Railway 11/08/2009 141/2009
Clarification regarding Grant of Composite Transfer Grant 13/07/2009 126/2009
Revised entitlement of Kit Pass on transfer /retirement 17/06/2009 111/2009
Periodical transfer of Railway employees 01/04/2009 60/2009
Travelling Allowance Rules in case of Journey on Transfer 19/03/2009 53/2009
Regularization of Quarters to the spouse of Railway officer in the event of his transfer 06/01/2009 04/2009
Allowances admissible in case of journey on Transfer 01/12/2008 193/2008
Minimum service requirement for Inter Division Transfers 25/08/2008
Counting of service rendered in old unit for Group B Promotion in case of Inter Railway Transfers 13/03/2008 40/2008
Mutual transfer between different communities on request on bottom seniority and on mutual exchange basis. 22/10/2007 134/2007
Change of category to Commercial and other non-technical popular categories not permitted 25/09/2007 121/2007
Transfer from one Railway to another on request on bottom seniority and on mutual 14/08/2007 107/2007
Backtracking from the mutual transfer not permitted 21/04/2006 53/2006
Composite Transfer Grant clarifications 12/01/2005 03/2005
Composite Transfer Grant to RPF personnel in the event of shifting from one barrack to another barrack 05/11/2004
Provision of containers to eligible railway employees on Transfer/retirement 20/07/2004 156/2004
Composite Transfer Grant to Railway employees who do not avail Kit Pass 16/02/2004 27/2004
Considering Non-practicing Allowance (NPA) for TA entitlements including Composite Transfer Grant 23/05/2003 85/2003
Calculation of Composite Transfer Grant on promotional transfer 31/10/2002 197/2002
Revised entitlement of Kit pass on transfer /retirement 20/06/2000 80/2000
Reckoning of Non-practicing Allowances(NPA) of Doctors for computation of TA entitlements including Composite Transport Grant 09/03/2000 38/2000
Change of category to Ticket Collector on request not allowed 20/12/1995 140/95
Posting of physically handicapped Railway servants 11/02/1992 23/92
Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) for transfer less than 20 km 83/2010

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