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Circulars on Sports Quota Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
Hockey India as the Recognized National Sports Federation for the game of Hockey 01/05/2013 43/2013
Recruitment of sportspersons on Zonal Railways / Production Units against sports quota 26/06/2012 75/2012
Recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota in team games 15/06/2012 71/2012
Inter-Railway own request transfer of sportspersons recruited against sports quota 07/03/2012 30/2012
Incentive increments for outstanding sports achievements. 29/02/2012 26/2012
Correspondence with Railway Board/RSPB, name of Game should be mentioned. 07/12/2011
Educational Qualification for recruitment against sports quota 02/12/2011 162/2011
Recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota in Ball Badminton, Body Building and Cycling sports disciplines 28/11/2011 159/2011
Failure in typing test of Group-C staff recruited in Sports Quota 11/10/2011 143/2011
Recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota - extension of time limit 24/08/2011 116/2011
Fixation of pay of sportspersons recruitment against sports quota 21/07/2011 110/2011
Out-of-turn promotions to sportspersons on sports account in merger grades 21/07/2011 109/2011
Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota 28/06/2011 102/2011
Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota through Talent Scouting 15/06/2011 90/2011
Inter-Divisional/Unit transfer of sportspersons recruited against Sports quota 25/05/2011 75/2011
Minimum educational qualification for sportsperson for recruitment against Sports Quota 20/04/2011 51/2011
Minimum service period for Inter-Railway/Divisional transfer for staff on Sports Quota. 24/02/2011 28/2011
Out-of-turn promotions to sportspersons in Railways 23/02/2011 26/2011
Inter Railway/Inter Division Transfer of sportsperson recruited against sports quota 17/02/2011 23/2011
Inclusion of Sports Officer in Trial Committee 27/01/2011 11/2011
Billiards and Snooker for Sports Quota Recruitment 17/01/2011 08/2011
Dealing the cases for recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota, as per old and new policy letters 11/01/2011 05/2011
Procedure for sportspersons recruitment and out-of-turn promotions on Indian Railways 31/12/2010 189(B)/2010
Minimum educational qualification for sportspersons for recruitment against sports quota 21/12/2010 181/2010
Special Casual Leave to sportspersons increased to 330 days, for training under Centre of Excellence 15/12/2010 178/2010
Out-of-turn promotions to Railway employees on sports account, who are recruited on Railways other than the sports quota 13/09/2010 132/2010
Out-of-turn promotions to sportspersons from Group D to Group C on sports account 11/08/2010 117/2010
On Duty /Special Casual Leave to Railway employees for participation in sports activities 23/06/2010 90/2010
Sports Federations and consequent benefits 03/05/2010 67/2010
National Inter State Athletics Championships should not be considered for Recruitment of Athletes in Railway against sports quota 07/04/2010 51/2010
Sports quota recruitment in Under-21 Junior Women Hockey World Cup 22/01/2010 18/2010
Special Passes to participate in Sports events 03/09/2009 160/2009
Educational qualifications for recruitment in Group-C against sports quota 10/07/2009 125/2009
Incentive increments on sports account and out of turn promotion on sports account 09/07/2009 124/2009
Service Bond for sports persons recruited on Indian Railways against sports quota reduced to 3 years 29/05/2009 94/2009
Special Casual Leave /On Duty to Chess players for participation in National /International Chess Tournaments 28/05/2009 93/2009
Recruitment of sports persons on Indian Railways against sports quota on the basis of All India Ranking 17/02/2009 36/2009
Categorisation of International Championships for recruitment on Indian Railways against sports quota 06/02/2009 26/2009

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