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Circulars on Retirement Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
Qualifying service for LARGESS for Gangmen and staff working in safety category posts with 1800 GP 26/02/2014
Retention of Railway quarters to the wards of Railway employees recruited under the LARGESS Scheme 21/02/2014 7/2014
Full sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) allowed after 20 years of railway service 16/12/2013 132/2013
Submission of Form 10 by spouse to pension disbursing bank after the death of pensioner when pensioner and spouse have joint account 09/10/2013 105/2013
Written Examination for LARGESS recruitment dispensed with 23/07/2013 72/2013
Rate of Dearness Relief (DR) to Railway pensioners and family pensioners enhanced to 80% 07/05/2013 46/2013
Revision of commuted pension for Railway employees who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorption in PSUs 30/04/2013 42/2013
Revision of provisional pension for Pre and Post 2006 retired employees 10/04/2013 33/2013
Eligibility of disabled children for family pension after marriage Eligibility of two family pensions 11/02/2013 12/2013
Revision of Pension Pay Orders (PPO) in respect of pre-2006 pensioners 02/11/2012
Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis 27/09/2012 109/2012
Re-engagement of retired Railway staff on daily remuneration basis 27/09/2012 109/2012
Cashless Service for RELHS Holder for treatment in Recognized Private Hospitals in emergency 18/07/2012
Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme (RELHS-97) Reopened for all Railway Pensioners 31/05/2012
Fixation of enhanced family pension 25/05/2012
Recruitment under LARSGESS for December 2011 17/05/2012
Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 01.01.2012 02/04/2012 60/2012
Safety Related Retirement Scheme (LARSGESS) PET dispensed with, Trollyman included and educational qualification relaxed 03/01/2012 04/2012
Applicability of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 to persons re-employed in Railway service after retirement and whose pay is debitable to Railway Estimates 12/12/2011 167/2011
Ex-gratia lumpsum compensation to the families of Railway employees who die in harness on duty- Withdrawal of ceiling 13/10/2011 146/2011
Amendment to the Scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs 13/09/2011
Travelling allowance rules-Journey on Transfer/Retirement 01/09/2011 118/2011
Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories with Grade Pay of 1900 15/07/2011 107/2011
Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories GP 1900 28/06/2011 99/2011
Revised Undertaking Form for Fixed Medical Allowance to the Railway pensioners 07/06/2011 83/2011
Revised rate of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners from 01.01.2011 15/04/2011 49/2011
Single Window System (SWS) for reimbursement of Railway Pension 31/03/2011
Safety Related Retirement Scheme - Time Schedule 29/03/2011 42/2011
Study leave for pensionary benefits 10/03/2011 33/2011
Travel entitlements of Railway gazetted officers on duty , privilege and post retirement passes. 03/02/2011 18/2011
Re-engagement of retired Railway staff on daily remuneration basis 13/01/2011 07/2011
Ex. gratia to families of Railway employees who die in harness on duty 10/01/2011 04/2011
Re-engagement of retired running staff on daily remuneration basis 16/11/2010 164/2010
Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories MACPS clarifiaction 07/10/2010
Safety Related Retirement Scheme(LARSGESS) will also be applicable to Gangman /Trackman 24/09/2010 141/2010
Companion in lieu of attendant to First Class/1st A Post Retirement Complimentary Pass/Widow Pass holders in Jan Shatabdi Express 23/09/2010 140/2010
Emoluments reckoned for calculating retirement/death benefits of staff working in the Construction Organisations 19/08/2010 124/2010
Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) amount enhanced to 300 per month 29/06/2010 92/2010
Encashment of leave to family members of retired Railway servants 19/04/2010 56/2010
Implementation of the law against excess recovery from pension 23/02/2010 33/2010
Rates for re-engagement of retired Railway employees on daily remuneration basis. 11/12/2009 219/2009
Continutiy under Old Pension Scheme for Railway Employees on Technical Resignation to join Central/State Government 04/11/2009 196/2009
Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to Railway pensioners and family pensioners who are members of RELHS 15/09/2009 168/2009
Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to RELHS 97 members 15/09/2009 168/2009
Medical card for joining Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme [RELHS-97] 31/08/2009
Change of category in case of Appointment on Compassionate Ground 07/08/2009
Need for speedy finalization of disciplinary cases. 04/08/2009 140/2009
Joining RELHS by serving Railway employees before superannuation 08/07/2009
Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners /family pensioners and entry in Pension Payment Order 10/06/2009 32/2009

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