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Circulars on Leave Rules Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
Vacations and holidays for Railway school teachers 14/08/2013 83/2013
Study Leave for Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship and other Fellowships offered by reputed Institutes 07/09/2012 98/2012
NPA shall be taken to calculate cash equivalent of LAP while availing Passes 30/05/2012 67/2012
Encashment of LAP on availing Pass is permitted for Running staff & Station Master when leave is refused 07/05/2012 61/2012
Compensation in lieu of holidays to Non-gazetted RPF personnel for attendance on gazetted holidays 02/01/2012 01/2009
Encashment of Leave to Railway Servants on their appointment in Central Services 27/10/2011 153/2011
Clarification regarding Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO 22/06/2011 95/2011
Regularisation of period of unauthorised absence 03/06/2011 79/2011
Study leave for pensionary benefits 10/03/2011 33/2011
Clarifications on Child Care Leave to female railway employees 08/02/2011 21/2011
Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO Calculation of 2 year period 02/02/2011 15/2011
Reckoning of period spent on Study Leave for earning LAP and LHAP. 04/01/2011 01/2011
Special Casual Leave to sportspersons increased to 330 days, for training under Centre of Excellence 15/12/2010 178/2010
Child Care Leave (CCL) Can be availed even if the employee has LAP at credit 04/10/2010 144/2010
Clarification on Child Care Leave (CCL) in respect of Railway Servants 30/09/2010
Regulation of the Date of Next Increment in case of Extra-Ordinary leave (without medical certificate) 05/08/2010 110/2010
On Duty /Special Casual Leave to Railway employees for participation in sports activities 23/06/2010 90/2010
Child Care Leave (CCL) to Railway servant having disabled children 23/04/2010 58/2010
Encashment of leave to family members of retired Railway servants 19/04/2010 56/2010
Half pay leave facilities to staff in Railway schools 24/09/2009 175/2009
Enhancement of Child Adoption Leave to 180 days and the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers 11/09/2009 166/2009
Encashment of Leave on Half Average Pay [LHAP] on permanent absorption in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies 15/07/2009 130/2009
Encashment of LAP while availing Railway Passes/PTOs permitted without any linkage to leave availed 11/06/2009 104/2009
Grant of Child Care Leave to female railway servants 23/04/2009
Regularisation of unauthorized absence 17/04/2009 66/2009
Facility of 20 days LHAP in lieu of 10 days leave on average pay restored to Teachers 06/03/2009 46/2009
Closing of Central Government offices in connection with General elections 02/02/2009 21/2009
Sixth Pay Commission – Encashment of LAP while availing Railway Pass 29/10/2008 161/2008
Availing leave at credit in case of Voluntary retirement 30/07/2003 126/03
Surrender of Metal Pass by officers who avail of LAP for a short period in continuation of duty 09/09/2002 156/2002

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