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Circulars on Departmental Exams Topic

Extracts from some of the important Circulars on the topic. This is not a comprehensive list. 

Title Date RBE No
Syllabus for professional papers for LDCE for promotion to Group B posts of Assistant Electrical Engineer 27/01/2014 14/2014
Procedure for Promotion in unified Cadre of Track Maintainers 13/08/2013 81/2013
Allowing one more chance to appear in selection of JE in Intermediate Apprentices Quota 15/03/2013 24/2013
Eligible categories for promotion from GP 1800 to GP 1900 against departmental promotion quota 19/02/2013 13/2013
Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme for MACP Scheme 12/09/2012 100/2012
Failure in typing test of Group-C staff recruited in Sports Quota 11/10/2011 143/2011
Retention period of evaluated Answer Sheets of Written examination conducted for Departmental Promotions-Promotions to Group B posts through 70% Selection & 30% LDCE 28/06/2011 98/2011
Disclosure of marks of the candidates in the written test for Selection/LDCE 24/06/2011 97/2011
Selection against Intermediate Apprentices Quota for Junior Engineer (JE) - Raising the upper age limit 14/06/2011
Custody of answer books in case of Selection exams for promotion 13/06/2011 89/2011
Comparison of grades of running staff with stationary staff for Promotion/ Selection to Group B posts 25/04/2011 53/2011
Filling up of the posts of Dresser Gr. III/Operation Theatre Assistant Gr. III in medical department. 28/02/2011 29/2011
Intermediate Apprentices Quota for JE-II - Allowing One more chance for selection of the staff with pre-revised qualification. 04/02/2011 20/2011
Retention period of evaluated Answer Sheets of written examination for Promotions to Group B posts 23/08/2010 125/2010
System for transportation, storage and distribution of the question papers for conducting RRB Examinations against Centralized Employment Notifications 11/08/2010 116/2010
Honorarium to the Railway Employees for setting of question papers & evaluation of answer sheets for LDCE 30/06/2010 93/2010
Pass marks for trainees undergoing courses in training centres 09/06/2010 84/2010
Upper age limit for selection against Intermediate Apprentices quota as JE raised to 47 09/06/2010 85/2010
Procedure for conducting selections for promotion to post classified as Selection and Coding & decoding of roll numbers 08/06/2010 82/2010
Calling the candidates a day prior to the Aptitude Test in LDCE, GDCE and SRRS quota recruitment 14/05/2010 74/2010
Conduct of typing skill test on Personal Computer [PC] 05/05/2010 69/2010
Eligibility conditions for promotion to Group C to Group B posts in Railways 29/03/2010 46/2010
Merger of grades and Promotion within the same grade pay – Classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts – Status of panels finalized/selections initiated earlier 11/01/2010 08/2010
Grant of honorarium to the Railway Officers/Staff for setting of question papers & evaluation of answer sheets 29/12/2009 227/2009
Eligibility criteria for the post of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers and Crew Controllers 26/03/2009 51/2009
Grant of incentive to Accounts Stock Verifiers on passing Appendix IV 24/03/2009 55/2009
Honorarium to the Railway Staff for setting of question papers and evaluation of answer sheets for LDCE 03/03/2009 44/2009
Cancellation of written examination due to procedural irregularities in selection test 17/02/2009 35/2009
Counting of service rendered in old unit for Group B Promotion in case of Inter Railway Transfers 13/03/2008 40/2008
Procedure for conduct of aptitude test for selection of personnel working in safety categories on Indian Railways 04/05/2007
Procedure of conducting aptitude tests in selection/promotion to safety categories of staff on Indian Railways 05/04/2007
Syllabus for LDCE Group B AME/AWM in Mechanical Dept 22/03/2007 40/2007
Calling the candidates a day prior to the Aptitude Test in departmental selections 20/03/2007 44/2007
Selection for promotion as Motorman distribution of marks amongst various headings 22/09/2006 139/2006
GDCE - Pay fixation of running staff. 15/09/2006 132/06
Reattempt in case of failure in psychological tests for Departmental candidates 28/03/2006
Distribution of marks in selection exam for Promotion 22/03/2006 35/2006
GDCE debarring the employees working in same grade 20/10/2005 177/05
Minimum cut off marks for Aptitude Test in Departmental PRomotions 29/03/2005 57/2005
General Department Competitive Examination (GDCE) Higher Grades not eligible 05/08/2004 173/04
Aptitude Test in Departmental selections 22/08/2003 144/2003
Selection of Intermediate Apprentices from amongst skilled Artisans for absorption as JE 23/06/2003 108/2003
Aptitude Tests in RRB exams and Qualifying marks 04/06/2003 90/2003
Syllabus for 30% LDCE for promotion to Group B AME/AWM Official Language Questions 74/2008

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