Validity of Railway Passes & PTOs extended to 5 months

Circular Subject
Extending the validity of full/half sets of Privilege Passes, Post Retirement Complimentary Passes, Widow Passes and . Privilege Ticket OrderS (PTOs).

1. Instructions weie issued vide Board's letter of even number dated 10-7-2008 raising the validity period of half set of Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary /Widow Passes to four months from the date of issue as in the case of full set passes. Further, in terms of instructions issued vide Board's letter No. E(W)20101 PS 5-17/1 dated 3-6-2011, Privilege Pass/PTO/Post Retirement Complimentary Pass In the next year's account should not be issued more than 100 days in advance of beginning of the next year.

2. Consequent upon the decision of the Board to enhance the period of advance reservation from 90 days· to 140 days vide Commercial Circular No. 12 of 2012 dated 6-02-2012, the issue regarding enhancing the validity period of passes and PTOs was under examination in Board's Office with a view to facilitate securing confirmed reservations on such Passes and PTOs. After careful consideration by Board, it has been decided that the validity period of full/half sets of Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary/Widow Passes and PTOs shall be one month more than the Advance Reservation Period, in general. Hence, the validity of such Passes/PTOs shall be Five months instead of Four months, ,at present. However, if advance reservation period is reduced in future, the validity of Pass/PTO will not be less than four months. Accordingly item 3 (iv), (v) & ( xiv) of Schedule-II under heading "General Rules", item No. (i) under Column 4 of Schedule-IV and item Nos. 11 & 12 under Annexure' C' of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 (Second Edition, 1993) should be revised as per Advance Correction Slip No.73.

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