Training module of ALP (Diesel) to LP (Shunter) and ALP (electrical) to ET

Railway Board Letter No
E(MPP)/2012/3/19 dated 02.04.2013
Circular Subject
Training module of ALP (Diesel) to LP (Shunter) and ALP (electrical) to ET.

         The committee constituted to look into the specific training needs and to devise a curriculum of Assistant Loco Pilots (Diesel)/Assistant Loco Pilots (Electrical) for promotion to Loco Pilot (Shunter)/Engine Turner has submitted their report.

            Board (ML,MM &MT) have approved the recommendation of the committee and it has been decided that in the present scenario of promotion avenue,  a separate training module for Loco Pilot (Shunter)/ET is not required. Instead ALP (Diesel) being promoted as LP (Shunter) and ALP (Electrical) to Engine Turner (ET) should undergo the LOCO RNG-4 or LOCO RNG-2 Training module, as the case may be, already prescribed for promotion to LP (Goods) vide this office letter No. E(MPP)2009/3/36 dated 26.10.2009 (RBE No. 191/2009).

However those ALPs who have already undergone the LOCO RNG-4 or LOCO RNG-2 while being posted as Shunter/ET will not have to undergo the training when being considered for promotion as LP (Goods).