Surrendering of higher grade posts

Railway Board Letter No
Circular Subject
Surrendering of higher grade posts

1. Board vide their letter No . E( MPP ) 2005/I/54/Vol . III dated 06/03/2007
(RBE No/32/2007) have clarified that higher grade posts affecting promotional
Prospects of the staff are not to be surrendered. The same was reiterated vide
Board's letter of even number dated 17.06.2001 and it was further advised that whatever surrender of higher grade posts has taken place the railways may create safety category posts as per extant orders as applicable for creation of new posts.

2. In pursuance the discussions of held in the PNM meeting between Railway Board and All India Railwaymen's Federation (AIRF)on 23'd and 24th February, 2012 it has been decided that instructions issued vide Board's letter dated (RBE No. 91/2011) stands withdrawn and wherever higher grade 17.06.2011 posts have been surrendered after the issue of the letter dated 06.03.2007(RBE No. 32/2007)and which have led to promotions being adversely affected for staff working in the immediate lower grade (except in case of cadre restructuring) all situations the higher grade posts may be restored and the in post in, the lowest recruitment grade from the cadre be surrendered without restoring seeking difference money value from the vacancy bank.
3. This is being allowed as a onetime measure. it may also be ensured that in future, while surrendering higher grade posts instructions contained in RBE No. 32/2007 are strictly followed without any deviation.