Special Recruitment Drive for Recruitment in Physically Handicapped Quota

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2009/RC-2/7 dated 22.05.2012
Circular Subject
Recruitment against Physically Handicapped Quota- Launch of Special Recruitment Drive.
Board’s letter No. E{NG}II/2006/RC-2/11 Pt. IV, dt. 1/5/12.


In continuation with Board’s letter under reference on the above subject, following may be noted :-


i} With respect to indents notified by RRBs but not yet finalized, it is stated that since the process of recruitment has already been initiated by RRBs, no further action is required to be taken by the Railways/PUs.


ii} With respect to indents diverted from categories where 3 % was to be kept vacant, Railway needs to fill up the backlog vacancies in the original category if they have not yet been diverted and have not so far been notified. Also, if the backlog vacancies has been diverted to other categories but is yet to be notified, such vacancies need to be filled up in the original category, as exemption has been denied by the M/o Social Justice & Empowerment.


This will be Similarly applicable for vacancies that have accrued after October, 2008 and indents sent to RRBs; applicable however, only for indents that have not yet been notified.For all diverted indents, whether part of backlog or current vacancies, which have been notified by RRBs in those categories only, no action be taken. In no case should the quantum of reservation exceed the prescribed 3%.


iii} In cases where short panel has been/will be received from RRBs, these will be dealt with in terms of stipulation made vide para 16 of DOP& T’s OM No.36035/3/2004-Estt. {Res} dated 29/12/05.


iv} As regards relaxed standards for physically handicapped persons, no additional instructions have been specified beyond the stipulations made in para 22 of DOP&T’s OM ibid.