Special Allowance to Gatekeepers Difficult Engineering Level Crossings

Railway Board Letter No
E(P&A)I-97/SP-1/CE-1 dt. 27.1.03
Circular Subject
Monetary Incentive to the Gangmen on deployment as Gatemen/Gatekeepers

Ref: 1. Board's letter No.PC-III/82/MS/10 dated 4.10.1990.

        2. Board's letter No.PC-III/95/FE-II/2 dated 13.5.1997.

        3. Board's letter of even number, dated 29.7.1999.

Please refer to the instructions contained in Board's letter of even number dated 29.7.1999 wherein Special Allowance to Gatemen was revised from Rs.25/- p.m. to Rs.100/- p.m. w.e.f. 01.07.1999.

The issue regarding difficulties being faced by the Railway Administrations in getting sufficient number of volunteers to fill up the vacancies of Gatemen required for manning difficult Civil Engineering gates has continued to be raised in the fora of JCM/DC and PNM as also in the reports of Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety and Railway Safety Review Committee. The matter has, therefore, been examined de-novo by the Board and it has been decided as under:-

1.      The identification of the difficult gates should be undertaken in a very judicious manner by the Divisional Engineer in consultation with the Associate Finance and for this purpose a fresh review of all the Civil Engineering level crossing gates may be undertaken.

2.      The criteria for identifying the difficult gates will continue to be as laid down in Board's letter No.PC III/82/MS/10, dated 4.10.1990 and PC III/95/FE-II/2 dated 13.5.1997.

3.      The ceiling of manned level crossings identified as difficult for the purpose of grant of Special Allowance will continue to be restricted to 50% of the total number of manned Civil Engineering level crossing gates.

4.      The gates which are identified as difficult should have such identification mark embossed on their gate huts.  Such identified gates (maximum 50% of all manned engineering gates) will carry a Special Allowance of Rs.150/-p.m.

The Gangmen who are posted as Gateman to man these difficult gates would be entitled to this Special Allowance of Rs.150/-p.m. This will ensure that the Special Allowance is not paid in a routine manner to the senior most person irrespective of his posting, and that it is extended to the Gatekeepers posted on  identified difficult level crossing gates only.  The Special Allowance to such Gatekeepers would be discontinued on their transfer to easy gates.

5.      List of such gates and the position of vacancies of Gatemen against these gates, obtaining from time to time should be kept ready with the Divisional authorities including Associate Finance, so that inspecting officers can monitor the position.