Revision of Training Modules of Supervisors Date of effect

Circular Subject
Revision of Training Modules of Supervisors

Ref: (i) Board's letter No. E(MPP)2009/3/10 dated 03.06.2011


(ii) Board's letter No. E(MPP)2009/3/16 dated 15.01.2010


(iii) Board's letter No. E(MPP)2009/3/12 Pt. dated 21.12.2009


1. Board vide their letters referred above have revised the training period for Supervisors from 18 months to 12 months and some of the Railway have sought clarification whether the revised training is applicable to the staff who are already undergoing training or for those being inducted in future batches. The matter has been considered and it has been decided that the revised training period will be applicable to future batches from the date of issue of the letter quoted above.


2. However, a situation may arise where the previous/batch of trainees undergoing 18  months training may complete their training after the new batch undergoing the revised training of 12 months. For example:-


RRB  Panel/Batch

Training Period

Commencement of training

Completion of



18 months

April 2011

September 2012


12 months

July 2011

July 2012




3. In such a situation it has been decided that the training of the previous panel/batch may be reduced before the date of completion of the training of the new batch undergoing the revised training of 12 months without affecting the course content. Thereafter, the earlier batch be allowed to join first followed by subsequent batches, after successful completion/passing of training as per extant procedure/practice providing them the benefit of seniority and fixation pay as a onetime exception.

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