Retention of quarters at the previous place of posting by Railway Staff posted to Rail Wheel Plant, Bela

Railway Board Letter No
E (G) 2012 QR-1-15 dated 03/12/2012
Circular Subject
Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway officers/Staff posted to Rail Wheel Plant (RWP)/Bela ( Dist.Saran, Bihar).



1. The issue of permitting the Railway Officers/Staff posted at the Rail Wheel Plant (RWP) Bela (Distt. Saran /Bihar) to retain Railway accommodation at their previous place of posting has been considered by the Board.

   2. In order to attract suitable personnel to join the project the full Board, inexercise of the powers vested with them to make reasonable relaxations in public interest for a class/group of employees in all or any of the existing provisions regarding house allotment/retention, have decided that permission for retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place at posting in favour of officers/staff posted to RWP/Bela be allowed for a period of five (05) years on payment of normal rent.

   3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

4. Please acknowledge receipt.