Reservation in promotion and Treatment of SC ST candidates promoted on their own merit

Railway Board Letter No
2008-E[SCT]-I/25/8 dated 29.1.2009
Circular Subject
Reservation in promotion –Treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit
Board’s letter No.99-E[SCT]I/25/13 dated 07.08.2002, 20.06.2003 and 06.05.2005

1.            Attention is invited to Board’s letter dated 06.05.2005 referred to above clarifying that in case of promotions by Non-selection method, where promotions are made on the basis of seniority –cum-fitness and concept of merit is not involved in such promotions, instructions contained in Board’s letters of even number dated 07.08.2002 and 20.06.2003 would not apply.  In this connection, references have been received from the Zonal Railways /Production Units  seeking clarifications as to how to regulate the promotions of SCs/STs done by Non-selection method during the intervening period i.e. 07.08.2002 to 06.05.05.


2.         The matter was under consideration in consultation with the Nodal Ministry viz. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions [Department of Personnel and Training ] and it has since been decided that the instructions contained in Board’s letter dated 06.05.2005 would take effect from 07.08.2002.  However, the promotions which have already been finalized as per instructions existing prior to issue of Board’s letter dated 06.05.2005 need not be disturbed.  The SC/ST candidates who have been promoted during the period 07.08.2002 to 06.05.2005 by Non-selection method, by virtue of their seniority position in the feeder grade or otherwise, in excess of reservation quota prescribed for them are to be adjusted against the reserved vacancies arising in future. 


3.         It is also clarified that senior SC/ST candidates coming in the normal zone of consideration against the posts to be filled by Non-selection method cannot be denied promotion on the ground that there is no reserved vacancy or there is excess representation of that particular reserved category.  Thus SC/ST candidates may get promoted by Non-selection method in excess of reservation prescribed for them provided they fall within the normal zone of consideration as per their seniority position.  However, such SC/ST candidates may be adjusted against reserved vacancies arising in future.