Relaxation on upper age limit for direct recruitment to Group C & D posts on the Railways

Railway Board Letter No
E (NG)-II/94/RR-1/29
Circular Subject
Upper age limit for direct recruitment to Group 'C' & `D' posts on the Railways
Board's letter of even number dated 18.2.2011 (RBE No. 24/2011)
Attention is invited to this Ministry's letter under reference vide which thecurrency of the relaxation contained in letter of even number dated 10.5.1999 (RBE No.99/1999) was extended for a period of one year i.e. up to 3.2.2011.
The matter has been reviewed and it has now been decided that this relaxation of 03 (three) years above the prescribed upper age limit for recruitment to all Group 'C'posts and posts in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay: 21800) including engagement of Substitutes may be extended further for a period of three years i.e. up to 03.02.2015. These orders take effect from 4.2.2012. Indents placed after 3.2.2012 may be suitably amended.
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