Qualifying service for LARGESS for Gangmen and staff working in safety category posts with 1800 GP

Railway Board Letter No
E(P&A)I-2013/FE2/3 Dated 26.02.2014

Sub: Clarification regarding reckoning of 20 years of qualifying service in respect of Gangmen and staff working in safety category posts with 1800 GP under LARGESS Scheme.

Ref: Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-2011/RT 6 dated 11.03.2013

            The Safety Related Retirement Scheme (SRRS) was introduced in 2004 only for Drivers and Gangmen. The eligibility conditions for seeking voluntary retirement under the Scheme for both these categories were 33 years of qualifying service and age bracket of 55-57 years.

2.         Subsequently in 2010 the SRSS was re-named as Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment to Safety Staff (LARGESS) and its benefit was extended to specified categories in GP 1800. At this point of time, the eligibility conditions were revised from the existing 33 years’ of qualifying service to 20 years’ and age bracket from 55-57 years to 50-57 years. These eligibility conditions were applicable to specified safety categories and Gangmen. Instances were brought to the notice of Board where the employees had rendered service in specified safety category as well as non-specified safety categories. Therefore it was clarified vide the above referred letter that 20  years’ of qualifying service should be in the specified safety category posts indicated in the list annexed with Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-2010/RT-2 dated 11.09.2010, 28.06.2011 and 03.01.2012.

3. Railways are requested to provide the following information:

i. The number of employees who had applied under the Scheme and have been considered eligible where, they had less than 20 years of qualifying service in specified safety categories, but had more than 20 years of qualifying service by taking into account the combined service rendered by them in specified safety categories and non-specified safety categories.

ii. Break up of service rendered in specified and non-specified safety categories by such employees.

iii. This information may be furnished from July –December 2011 retirement/recruitment cycle onwards.


(K. Shankar)

Director Estt. (P&A)

Railway Board



Mon, 14/07/2014 - 10:36

Sir i m working as a loco pilot(goods). my son has a certificate of ITI and he completed MBA from a central university.. he has through out 1st class..my date of birth is 01/01/1959 and my date of appointment 29/02/1984 and my date of retirement 31/12/2018. so sir please clear one thing..Am I eligible to give the job to my son under the LARGESS scheme.