Provision of containers to eligible railway employees on Transfer/retirement

Railway Board Letter No
E(W)96 PS 5-9/1 dated 20.7.2004
Circular Subject
Provision of containers to eligible railway employees on Transfer/retirement
Board’s letter No.E(W)96 PS5-9/1 dt.20.6.2000

The issue regarding transportation by containers of household items of the eligible railway employees on their retirement/transfer has been under consideration in Board’s office for quite some time.  Railway employees who are appointed on or after 1.5.76 and are drawing Rs.8000/- and above are entitled to transportation of household items by containers, including cost of door to door payment of containers, in terms of Board’s letter dt.20.6.2000.  The issue has been considered in consultation with the concerned Directorates in Board’s office and CONCOR.  It has now been decided by Board that the eligible serving/retired railway employees may be allowed to transport their household items by containers on their transfer/retirement and for the purpose the following procedure may be adopted:-


(i)        Kit Pass may be accepted by CONCOR at “W” rates applicable to CONCOR’s domestic traffic from originating and destination rail head, and cost thereof may be raised by CONCOR with the concerned Railways through book transfer.


(ii)              Cost of movement of household items for road portion at either end may be paid by the serving/retired railway employee himself/herself and reimbursement claimed as per his/her entitlement from his/her office.


This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Board’s office.