Post Retirement Complimentary Passes /widow passes for GP 1800 (erstwhile Group D employees)

Railway Board Letter No
Circular Subject
Grant of Privilege Passes to the staff in the grade pay Rs.1800/-
NFIR’s letter No.1/15 dated 6.2.2010.

The matter has been examined in consultation with Finance Directorate. It has been observed that since all the posts carrying GP 1800 in PB-1 have been classified as Group ‘C’, the employees retiring from these Group ‘C’ posts in PB-1 GP Rs. 1800 would automatically be entitled for Post Retirement Complimentary Passes /widow passes as per Group ‘C’ entitlement.
   Hence, there appears to be no need for issue of any general clarification

2 set of PRC passes if the employee had over 25 years of service and 1 set if he had 20-25 years service.

Widow Pass - Half the number of Post retirement Complimentary Passes that the railway employee was either receiving at the time of his demise after retirement.