Pass Quota for Duty and Privilege Passes in Duranto Express Trains

Railway Board Letter No
2012/TG-I/20/P/Duranto (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR No. 26 of 2013)
Circular Subject
Validity of Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes in Duranto Express Trains

Please refer to this office letter No. E (W) 2009/PS 5-1/30 dated 01.03.2013 on the subject quoted above wherein it was informed that booking against Duty/Privilege/PRC Passes can be made in Duranto Express Trains on the pattern of Rajdhani Express trains without any exception.

1. Since Reserved Second Sitting (2S) and Sleeper (SL) classes are not available in Rajdhani Express trains, clarifications were being sought by Zonal Railways for booking accommodation in Duranto Express Trains in these classes.\

2. It is clarified that booking in Sleeper and 2S classes of Duranto Express trains will also be on the pattern of AC Chair Car Class of Shatabdi Express trains/3AC Class of Rajdhani Express trains. Accordingly, 50% of the Duty Pass quota in Duranto Express trains in these classes will be earmarked at the counter for booking on first-come-first-served basis whereas remaining 50% will be treated as Emergency quota.

3. CRIS will make necessary modification in the software under intimation to all Zonal Railways as well as this office.

4. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned.

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What kind of duty pass is issued to alp when going spare to other station to take charge of a loco?
Give me a detailed information about it.