Monitoring of RRB Recruitment panels

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2013/RR-1/1 dated 05/02/2013
Circular Subject
Monitoring of open market panels


RRCs by the zonal Railway and the consequent liquidation of vacancies on receipt of panels has been engaging attention of this office for some time. It has been found that a robust monitoring system supervised by the concerned Sr. DPOs at the division level and CPOs at the zonal level has the potential to reveal the actual working of the system. During the performance review meeting of Personnel Branch of South Central Railway, Board (MS) observed that the monitoring system of appointment of candidates recommended by recruiting agencies being followed in  South Central Railway be adopted by other Zonal Railways also.


In this connection, a Write up on Panel Monitoring System introduced in South Central Railway is enclosed for guidance and compliance. CPOS are requested to get in touch with SCR for better appreciation, and actual implementation, if required.


The system should be made operational by 10th February 2013 positively and feedback (through fax or e-mail) be provided without fail.



Executive Dir. Estt. (N)

Railway Board


Write up on Panel Monitoring System (RRB-PMS) introduced in South Central Railway in December-2012.


(i)                Under this system a separate folder in the server has been created for every Sr. DPO and WPO with a password assigned and given only to the concerned Sr. DPO/WPO.


(ii)              When RRB panels are received and the candidates are distributed to Divisions/Units the concerned cadre officer of Headquarters Personnel Branch makes available the data of the candidates allotted to each division/unit in an Excel sheet format. Copy of this format is annexed at Annexure ‘A’. The first five columns of the Excel sheet, namely, 1) Serial Number, 2) Name of the candidate, 3) Roll Number, 4) Merit position, Community is filled up by the cadre officer of the Headquarters. This data is not physically entered. When the RRBs supply the panel, the Chairman/RRB is asked to give the data of the selected candidates along with their addresses in a CD. The first five columns of the Excel sheet are taken from the CD and copied to the Excel sheet.


(iii)            All the Sr. DPOs/WPOs have been asked to fill up the other columns of the Excel Sheet, like date on which offer of appointment was sent; date of remainder; in case the candidate does not respond to the first letter; dates of medical examination; date of training; date of completion of training etc. The Divisions/units are advised to update this data in their folders on a daily basis. A copy of the instructions issued to DRMs/CWMs is enclosed.


(iv)            The Excel Sheet has also columns in regard to the status of medical fitness and candidates who have not responded and the dates on which these ineffective papers are returned to the Headquarters. This enables Headquarters to seek replacement panels from RRB.


(v)              The Recruitment section of the Headquarters Office transfers the Excels data to a database (Access) on a weekly basis and a consolidated report on the entire panels supplied by the RRB is generated by Dy. CPO(rectt.)/CPO.


Advantages of the monitoring System


1)    Enables timely utilization of RRB papers.


2)    In case any Division is unduly delaying issue of appointment letters, the position can be monitored in Headquarters.


3)    The stage at which delay is occurring in appointing a particular candidate is known.


4)    Sometimes candidates after completion of training are not posted to working posts. The delay on this account can also be monitored.


5)    Most important, Headquarters can keep a track of ineffective papers and seek replacement papers from RRB at the earliest.

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