Medical Facilities to dependent relatives-Raising the income ceiling

Railway Board Letter No
2010/H-1/2/21 dated 07.06.2011
Circular Subject
Grant of Medical Facilities to dependent relatives-Raising the income ceiling.

1. Consequent upon implementation of Govt.’s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission regarding revision of minimum family pension to `3500/-, it has been decided that a dependent relative in relation to a Railway servant as defined in para 601(6) of the Indian Railways Medical Manual, 2000 shall be considered eligible for entitlement of Medical facilities if his/her income does not exceed minimum pension/family pension i.e. ` 3500/- and Dearness Relief thereon or 15% of the basic pay of the Railway Servant, whichever is more.
2. Accordingly, in exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution the president is pleased to direct that the proviso below para 601(6) of the Indian Railway Medical Manual, 2000 may be amended as per ‘Advance Correction Slip No.12 enclosed.
Advance correction Slip No.12 to the Indian Railway Medical Manual, 2000
The proviso below 601(6) may be Substituted with the following:-
“Provided that the above are above are wholly dependent on and reside with the Railway employee. The words “ wholly dependent” mean a person who does not have independent income more than 15% of the emoluments of the Railway servant concerned or `3500/-plus dearness relief thereon, rounded off to the nearest ten rupee figure, whichever is more.”
(Authority Railway Board’s letter No.2010/H-1/2/21 dated 07.06.2011)

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