Issue of 2nd Class 'A' Pass to eligible Railway employees

Railway Board Letter No
E(W)97PS5/1/62 dt.30.5.03
Circular Subject
Issue of 2nd Class 'A' Pass to eligible Railway employees
Board's letter of even No. dated 1.2.99

While prescribing pay limit for grant of First Class Pass to Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scale under Fifth Central Pay Commission it was indicated in Board's letter dated 1.2.1999 that employees who are in pay scales Rs.5000-8000 and 5500-9000 and drawing pay of Rs.7250/- or above but less than Rs.7600/- shall be eligible for 2nd Class 'A' passes which shall be entitled to travel by AC 3-tier.  It was also specified that 2nd Class 'A' Pass shall be of yellow colour.


2.         It is clarified that Railway employees who have become eligible for issue of 2nd Class 'A' passes are actually entitled to Second Class pass only.  Therefore, all the attributes of Second Class Passes shall also be applicable to 2nd Class 'A', Passes, with the additional facility that Second Class Pass holders are eligible to travel in 3-AC, in trains other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi expresses. Their entitlement in Jan Shatabdi trains, shall be the same as that of Second Class Pass holders.  In Second Class 50 kg luggage for each adult and half that quantity for each child has been allowed.  The same free luggage may be allowed in case of 2nd Class 'A' Passes also.


3.         It is requested that necessary action to get the 2nd Class 'A' Passes in yellow colour printed may be taken early for issue to the eligible Railway employees.


4.         This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Board's office.