IInd Class Pass and PTO valid for travel in Sleeper Class

Railway Board Letter No
E(W)97 PS 5-1/4 dated 29.5.1997
Circular Subject
Entitlement of IInd Class Pass/PTO for travel in Sleeper Class

         In the PNM (AIRF) meeting held on 7/8th March, 1997, AIRF raised a point that in the absence of clear provision in the Pass Rules regarding entitlement of ‘attendants’ to travel in Sleeper Class, difficulties are being faced by attendants on some of the Railways. It is clarified that IInd Class Pass/PTO holders including eligible ‘attendants’ are entitled to travel in Sleeper Class without any additional charge. Wherever the words “IInd Class” appear in the Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986, the same may be read as “IInd Class /Sleeper Class”.