Fixation of Pay in merged grades for staff working on ad-hoc basis in Construction Organisations

Railway Board Letter No
PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/6 dated 14.09.2010
Circular Subject
Fixation of Pay in merged grades for working on ad-hoc basis on ex-cadre posts in Construction Organisations

 1.           As per Rule (7) of RS(RP)Rules, 2008, initial pay of a Railway servant shall be fixed separately(i) in respect of his substantive pay in the permanent post on which the employee holds a lien and (ii) in respect of his pay in the officiating post held by him. 


2.         As per note 5 below Rule 7 of RSRP Rules, 2008, “Where a Railway servant is holding a permanent post and is officiating in a higher post on a regular basis and the scales applicable to these two posts are merged into one scale, the pay shall be fixed under this sub-rule with reference to the officiating post only and the pay so fixed shall be treated as substantive pay.” 


3.         Clarifications are being sought by the zonal railways regarding fixation of pay of staff working in Construction Organisation on ex-cadre posts on ad-hoc basis in merged grades. The matter has been examined and it is clarified that in the case of staff working in Construction organization on ex-cadre posts on ad-hoc basis, their pay in the 6th CPC pay structure is to be fixed separately for cadre post and ex-cadre post as provided in Rule 7(1) of RSRP, 2008. Note 5 below Rule 7 is not applicable in their case.


4.         This issues in consultation with Establishment Directorate and with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


5.         This disposes of CAO(Const. & MTP), Southern Railway’s letter No.P/524/I/P/CN dated 12.8.2009 and Southern Railway’s letter No.P(R) 524 dated 31.8.2009.