Facilities to PREM (Participation of Railway Employees in Management) Group

Railway Board Letter No
2011/E(LR)III/PREM/FAC/2 dated 09/11/2011
Circular Subject
PREM- Provision of facilities to PREM Group

1. In terms of the decision taken during 42nd meeting of PREM Group held on 14.12.2009, a Sub-Group was constituted to inter-alia look into the facilities being provided to the Constituents of PREM Group in order to ensure that these facilities are commensurate with their status and role on Indian Railways. On the basis of recommendations made by the Sub-Group, Board have decided to extend the following facilities.

I) Two representatives from each of PREM Group constituents at the Apex/Board level namely, President and General Secretary/Secretary General may be allowed to travel with their spouse in the entitled class while attending PREM Group meetings (4 in a year) at the Apex level for which cheque passes may be issued.

II) CUG phone facility existing with Presidents and General Secretaries/Secretaries General of PREM Group constituents at Apex and Zonal levels in terms of Board’s letter No. E(LL)2006/PREM/3 dated 26.03.2009 may be extended to Divisional level as well with revised monthly ceilings as follows:


Monthly Ceiling (in Rs.)






1 000





Not Available


2.) The above are effective from the date of issue.

3). This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.