Educational Qualification for recruitment against sports quota

Railway Board Letter No
2011/E(Sports)/4(1)/1/Policy Clarifications dated 02/12/2011
Circular Subject
Educational Qualification for sports persons for recruitment against sports quota

Ref: Board’s letter Nos. (i) 2010/E(sports)4(1)/1 Pt. (E.Q.) dt. 21.12.2010 (RBE No. 181/2010) (ii) 2010/E(Sports)/4(1)/1(Policy) dt. 31.12.2010 (RBE No. 189B/2010); and (iii) 2011/E(Sports)/4(1)/1/Policy Clarifications dt. 20.04.2011 (RBE No. 51/2011).

1. Please connect Board’s policy letters referred above. On the subject matter, Board’s clarification to queries raised by Eastern Railway; are as under:

S.   o.

Points Raised by the Railway



Whether,      all      sportspersons
having requisite sports and other norms and who are only Class- VIII pass, can be considered for recruitment in (-) 1S Pay Band, as    per    Board’s    letter    dt.
21.12.2010 & 20.04.2011 referred above.

As per Board’s letter dt. 21.12.2010 referred above, only the
sportspersons having outstanding sports achievements and who are only Class-VIII pass; can be considered for recruitment in  (-) 1S Pay Band


If,           only           outstanding
sportspersons are to be considered, then the criteria for determining outstanding sportspersons?

For considering the cases as per Board’s letter dt. 21.12.2010
referred above, the sportspersons having the sports norms for recruitment in Grade Pay Rs. 1900/2000 or above,   as per Board’s policy letter dt. 31.12.2010 referred above, shall only be considered as “Outstanding”.


Whether such sportspersons can
only be considered for recruitment in (-) 1S Pay Band with  GP  Rs.  1300  OR otherwise?

As advised by the Pay Commission Directorate of Railway Board, (-) 1S Pay Band has been clarified by 6th   Central Pay Commission in Para 2.2.10 of their reports. This pay band is
Rs. 4440-7440 and not supposed to carry and Grade Pay in respect of future recruits.
Therefore, sportsperson recruited against sports quota in (-) 1
S  Pay Band  in  Scale  Rs.  4440-7440,  shall  not  carry and
Grade Pay.


Whether,    the    exemption    as
granted to sportspersons from obtaining 50% marks in matriculation for their recruitments against sports quota as    per    Board’s    letters    dt.
11.07.2001 and 10.07.2009, may still be continued?

The exemption to sportspersons as granted by Railway Board
vide its letter Nos. E(Sports)2000/POLICY/2 dt. 11.07.2001 and E(Sports)2007/Policy/4(Clarifications) dt. 10.07.2009, shall remain continued.

This also disposes ER’s letter Nos. CPO/SC/SAS/Quota/Pt. II dt. 14.07.2011.