Duty Passes allowed in Duronto Express

Circular Subject
Validity of Duty Passes for travel in Duronto Express Trains
Railway Board letter NO.TC-II/2910/09/Duronto Train dated 30-9-2009 (Commercial Circular No.53 of 2009)

1. Instructions have been . issued vide Board's letter No. TC-ll/2910/09/Duronto Train dated 30-9-2009 (Commercial Circular No.53 of 2009) regarding the basic fare structure and dasses of travel available on Duronto Express Trains. With a view to facilitate inspection of these trains, the issue to allow 'Duty Passes' on Duranto Express Trains was under consideration in Board's Office.

2. After careful consideration, it has been decided to allow rallway officials to travel in Duronto Express Trains while traveling ON DUTY only subject to the following ~

(i) The entitlement of Railway officer/staff to travel in Duronto Express trains will be same as that in case of Rajdhani Express trains with the only exception that the highest class in which they can travel in these trains will be 2 AC and not 1 AC.

(ii) The maximum number of berths/seats which can be booked in a train per trip will be as under:

2 AC 4 berths
3 AC  6 berths
AC Chair Car 6 seats


(iii) At the time of booking tickets agaInst this quota, only wait listed ticket will be issued and the berths will be confirmed at the time of release of Emergency Quota, on receipt of request keeping in view the inter-se seniority of officers/urgency of travel etc.

(iv) At the tme of preparation of reservation charts, the unutilized accommodation earmarked for this purpose shall get released to RAC/Wait-listed passengers.

(v) The accommodation to be eannarked for onboard ticket checking staff manning the train wm be on the pattern of Rajdhani Express trains.

(vi) CTC Squad of Railway Board and CCMs' Squad of zonal Railways and staff of Vigilance Department can conduct surprise checks in these trains on the authority of duty pass without advance reservation.