Duty Card Passes to the Government Railway Police personnel (GRP) in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains

Railway Board Letter No
E[W]91PS5-13/2 dated 12.08.2009
Circular Subject
Issue of Duty Card Passes to the Government Railway Police personnel

1.             Attention is invited to the instructions contained in this Ministry’s letter                     No. E[W]86 PS 5-13/2  dated 21.02.1986 regarding issue of Duty Card Passes to the personnel of Government Railway Police [GRP] who are required to tour frequently in the entitled class available over the entire jurisdiction of the official concerned.  Attention is also invited to Board’s letter of even number dated 04.01.1999 wherefrom it is borne out that GRP personnel deputed for escort duty in Rajdhani/Shatabdi  Express trains have been permitted to undertake journey in Pantry Car only of Rajdhani /Shatabdi Express trains co-terminus with the official jurisdiction of duty or the first available halt thereafter and that too for self only. 


2.         It has come to notice of Board that Duty Card Passes have been issued to GRP personnel with validity for traveling on reserved berths in Rajdhani /Shatabdi trains in violation of Board’s extant instructions.  This violation has been viewed seriously by the Board and it has been decided that wherever such facility has been extended to GRP personnel, the same should be withdrawn immediately.  Board also desire that the instructions dated 21.02.1986 and 04.01.1999 ibid should be scrupulously followed.


3.         This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.