Creation of non gazetted posts

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG) II/2012/PO/NCR/13 dated 13.03.2013
Circular Subject
Proposal for creation of non-gazetted posts.

1. In spite of clear-cut guidelines and instructions issued from time to time , by this Ministry it has been noticed that a large number of proposals are received in this office which do not conform to these guidelines. This causes unnecessary delay in final disposal of the proposals.

2. With a view to enable this Ministry to examine each proposal in an effective manner, Board desires that strict observance of the following be made:

i) Proposals complete in all respects, having details of staff requirement for each department separately should be submitted in Railway Board on quarterly basis ie, April, July, October and January. Piece-meal proposals will not be entertained.

ii) The proposals should invariably be forwarded to this office through the Personnel department of the Railway concerned.

iii) Each proposal may be accompanied with detailed justification of posts required to be created which should have the personal approval of the General Manager of Railway.

iv) Zonal Railways vacancy bank position along with the views of the FA&CAO and details of money value required for each post proposed be included.

v) The instructions contained in Board’s letter 31.03.1987 (RBE 78/1987), dated 24.06.1991 (RBE 118/91) and dated 24.10.1991 may be followed before approaching Railway Board for want of matching surrender from Board’s vacancy bank.

vi) The proposals having requirement of less than 100 numbers of posts in a particular department should be avoided and should be resolved locally by the Railway by way of arranging money value from their vacancy bank.

vii) The check-list (copy enclosed) should invariably be part of the proposal sent to Railway Board and should be in conformity with the guidelines issued vide Board’s letter No. E(MPP)/2008/1/94 dated 23.07.2009. While doing so the stipulations made vide CRB’s D. O. No. E(MPP)/2009/1/84 dated 03.02.2012 may be strictly adhered to.

3. Proposals so far sent to Board will be dealt as per the extant instructions. Henceforth, no proposal will be entertained unless reviewed as per Para 2 of this letter.