Compassionate Grounds Appointment in RPF/RPSF

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2012/RC-l/Genl./12 Dated 29/05/2012
Circular Subject
Appointment of wards/spouse of Ex. RPF/RPSF personnel and wards/spouse of other than RPF/RPSF for posting in RPF/RPSF on compassionate grounds – procedure order.
Ministry of Railway’s letter No. 1988!Sec.(E)/RC•3/43 POL dated 12.07.2011.

References have been received from several Zonal Railways regarding procedure to be adopted In cases involving compassionate appointment of wards/spouse of RPF/RPSF personnel in other departments of the Railways. In partial modifications of earlier Instructions Issued vide letter of 12.07.2011, following orders are issued.

(i) All candidates for compassionate ground appointment are eligible to be considered for vacancies of all departments Including that of Security department.

(ii) All Instructions issued by Establishment (Non-Gazetted) Directorate for appointment on compassionate grounds will ipso facto apply In cases of compassionate ground appOintments of wards/spouse of Ex. RPF/RPSF personnel.

(iii) For candidates being considered for appointment in Security department, they will have to undergo physical measurement and physical efficiency  tests as per para 5 of letter No. 1988/Sec.(E)/RC•3/43/POL dated 12.07.2011.

(iv) Approval for compassionate ground appointment In Grade Pay Rs. 4200/• In Security department will be done with the personal approval of General Manager which Is not to be delegated further.

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