Chronic diseases in relation to Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) for Railway Pensioners

Railway Board Letter No
2006/H/DC/JCM dated 12-10-2006
Circular Subject
Clarifications regarding chronic diseases in relation to Fixed Medical Allowance @ Rs.100/- granted to Railway Pensioners.


As per Board’s letter No. PC/V/98/I/7/1/1 dated 21-4-99 a fixed medical allowance @ Rs.100/- per month is granted to the Railway Pensioners/ family Pensioners who are residing beyond 2.5 kms from Railway Hospital /Health Unit / Dispensary.  This fixed medical allowance is given to meet the day to day medical expenses.  They are not entitled to receive outdoor treatment from Health Unit /Railway Hospital etc. except in cases of Chronic Diseases.


Arising out of demand in the DC/JCM September, 2006, the definition of Chronic disease and some illness which are to be treated as Chronic ones are hereby stated.


Any disease which persists for a period of approximately three months or more is defined as a chronic disease.  Some of the common illness, which are treated as chronic diseases are given below:


1. Arthritis and related conditions


2. Cardiovascular disease


3. Cancer of any part of body


4. Diabetes mellitus


5. Epilepsy disorders


6. Obesity / chronic weight loss


7. Tuberculosis




9. Oral Health Problem


10.      Chronic skin disorders

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