Appointment of second window and her children on compassionate grounds

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2012/RC-1/21 dated 03.04.2013
Circular Subject
Appointment on compassionate grounds – case of second window and her children

          A number of references have been received from Zonal Railways on the above subject. The matter has been examined by the Board and it has been decided that such cases may be dealt strictly in terms of Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/91/RC-1/136 dated 02.01.1992. Further, whenever the judgement of the Hon’ble Courts are contradictory to Board’s instructions, Railways may file contest/file review petition in light of favorable judgement in such cases (copy enclosed).

          Please acknowledge receipt.

(This also disposes of

(i) East Coast Railway’s letter No. ECR/HRD/Court Cell/CG Apptt dated 22.08.11

(ii) South East Central Railway’s letter No. P-HQ/RCT/208/4/1002 dated 28.06.11

(iii) Eastern Railway’s letter No. CPO/SC/SA/Comp/CI.IV/3037 dated 20.09.11

(iv) Northeast Frontier Railway’s letter No. E/208/2/QA/44/11 dated 16.12.11)

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