Allowances admissible in case of journey on Transfer

Railway Board Letter No
F(E)I/2008/AL-28/15 dated 01.12.2008
Circular Subject
Travelling Allowance Rules – Implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission- journey on Transfer.


           In pursuance of the decision taken by the Government on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to Travelling Allowance entitlements, sanction of the President is conveyed in partial modification of Board’s letter nos.F(E)I/98/AL-28/10(A),(B) & (C) dated 01.05.98 to the revision in the Railway Travelling Allowance Rules as per the Annexure to this letter.


            The Grade Pay for determining the Transfer Grant entitlement is as indicated in the Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008.


            The term pay for the purpose of these orders refers to basic pay as defined in Rule 3(8) of the Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules,2008 and includes the revised non-practicing allowance, if any, admissible in addition.


            In respect of those employees who opt to continue in their pre-revised scales of pay, the corresponding Grade Pay of the pay scales of the post occupied on 1.1.2006 would determine the TA/DA entitlements under these orders.  However, for determining Composite Transfer Grant for such employees, the term pay shall also include, in addition to the basic pay in the pre-revised scales, stagnation increments, Dearness Pay and NPA as per orders in force on 1.1.2006.


            These orders shall take effect from Ist September,2008. However, if the Travelling Allowance entitlements in terms of the revised entitlements now prescribed result in a lowering of the existing entitlements in the case of any individual, groups or classes of employees, the entitlements, particularly in respect of mode of travel, class of accommodation, etc. shall not be lowered.  They will instead continue to be governed by the earlier orders on the subject till such time as they become eligible, in the normal course, for the higher entitlements.


            The claims submitted in respect of journey made on or after Ist September,2008 may be regulated in accordance with these orders.


            It may be noted that no additional funds will be provided on account of revision in TA/DA entitlement. It may, therefore, be ensured that permission to official travel is given judiciously and restricted only to absolutely essential official requirements.


Annexure to Ministry of Railway (Railway Board) letter No. F(E)I/2008/AL-28/15 dated 01.12.2008


            In continuation of Board’s letter no.F(E)I/98/AL-28/10(A), (B) & (C) dated 01.05.98, the following provisions are applicable with effect from 1.9.2008. All other terms and conditions governing grant of CTG will remain unchanged.


            Entitlement for Journeys on Transfer


A.         Accommodation and Mileage Allowance Entitlements:


1.         Journeys by Air


            Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.12,000/- and those in pay scale of HAG+ and above may travel by air, at their discretion, to join the new HQs, on transfer. Officers in the grade pay of Rs.10,000/- may also be permitted to travel by air with the approval of Competent Authority, subject to exigency and where joining at transfer station has to be effected with immediate effect. This would also be subject to fulfillment of conditions as per Board’s letter no.F(E)I/2003/AL-28/7 dated 16.9.2003. The air fare will, however, be admissible for self only. No family member of any Railway servant is entitled to travel by air on transfer.


2.         Jouneys By Rail


            Free passes, as admissible under Rules, may be issued to a Railway servant and his family members.


3.         A Railway servant is not entitled to travel by road, between stations connected by rail. However, between stations not connected by rail a railway servant and his family members may travel by road. The entitlements for journeys by road will be same as admissible for the journeys on tour as indicated in Board’s letter no.F(E)I/2008/AL/28/14 dated 01.12.08. The actual admissible Road Mileage Allowance shall be regulated at the following rates in places where no specific rates have been prescribed either by the Director of Transport of the concerned State or of the neighbouring States.


      i)    For journeys performed in own car/taxi                     : Rs.16 per km

      ii)   For journeys performed by auto rickshaw                 : Rs. 8 per km

            Own scooter, etc.


            The rate of Mileage Allowance for journeys on bicycle on transfer is revised from 60 paise to Rs.1.20 per kilometer.




            In the case of transfer involving a change of station located at a distance of or more than 20 kms from each other, the Composite Transfer Grant shall be computed as below:



Officers in the pay scale of HAG+ and above.

One month’s basic pay as drawn in the pay scale


All other officers

Equal to one month’s pay as drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable grade pay


            At present only on transfer grant is permitted if the transfer of husband and wife takes place within 6 months of each other from the same place to the same place. With effect from the date of implementation of these orders, in cases where the transfer take place within six months, but after 60 days of the transfer of the spouse, fifty percent of the transfer grant on transfer shall be allowed to the spouse transferred later. No transfer grant shall be admissible to the spouse transferred later, in case both the transfers are ordered within 60 days. The existing provisions shall continue to be applicable in case of transfer after a period of six months or more. Other rules precluding transfer grant in case of transfer at own request or transfer other than in public interest, shall continue to apply unchanged in their case.





            The rates for transportation of personal effects by Road from the place of residence to the Railway Station at the old headquarters and from Railway station to the place of residence, at the new headquarters will be as under:


Grade Pay

Rate per km for transport by road

(Rs. Per km)

Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.4200 and above and those in pay scale HAG + and above.


(Rs.0.30 per kg per km)

Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.2800/-


(Rs.0.31 per kg per km)

Officers drawing grade pay below Rs.2800/-


(Rs.0.31 per kg per km)


            The rates for transporting the entitled weight by Steamer will be equal to the prevailing rates prescribed by such transport in ships operated by Shipping Corporation of India.




            Composite Transfer Grant on retirement


            To settle down at places other than the last station(s) of their duty located at a distance of or more than 20 kms, the Composite Transfer Grant shall be computed as below:



Officers in the pay scale of HAG+ and above.

One month’s basic pay as drawn in the pay scale


All other officers

Equal to one month’s pay as drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable grade pay


E.         The rates mentioned in Para A (3) & (4) (mileage for road journey by taxi/own car/auto rickshaw/own scooter/bicycle etc.) and Para C(the rates of transportation of personal effects) of this Annexure, shall automatically increase by 25% whenever Dearness Allowance payable on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%.