Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR)

  • The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) connects Mettupalayam with the hill station of Udagamandalam (Ootacamund or Ooty) in Tamil Nadu.
  • It uses rack and pinion system to climb the steep gradient(1 in 12 steepest in India), the only railway line in India to use this system.
  • NMR was opened in 1908 and was operated by the former Madras Railway Company.
  • In 2005,UNESCO added the Nilgiri Mountain Railway to the World Heritage Site.

Holiday Homes

  • Holiday Homes have been set up in hill stations, sea-side resorts or other pleasant surroundings as a measure of staff amenity. 
  • Staff who are allotted accommodation in Holiday Homes should not be refused leave except in very emergent case.
  • Where lower type of accommodation has been closed down or not available, Group 'D' staff may be allotted higher type of accommodation on payment of charges for the lower type.


 .............................................................             A lost city washed out by a 1964 cyclone...
Dhanushkodi ( means bow's end in Tamil referring to its position in the island), once a flourishing tourist and pilgrimage centre was washed away by a cyclonic flood in 1964 drowning an entire train with its passangers. Today a small community of fisherman lives here among the ruins of the ancient port city which connected it with TalaiMannar in Sri Lanka.