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Eligible for L.A.P. ir not after posting???

Sir i was recruited as armature winder on compensasation ground and i am going to complete my training which was of 3 years and at the training i get L.A.P(L.F.S) of 15 days/year so please tell me am i eligible for the arrear of 45 days L.A.P.or not after posting???

Who is eligible for Sunday rest in essential service?


Under essential 24/7 services (signal department) with 7 staffs, who is eligible for weekly Sunday rest?



S&T MAS Staff

Need leaves for competitive exams

Hello Sir,

                    I am posted as an SSE. I want to prepare for upcoming competitive exams. I need approx. 3 months leave. How can i get that?? How can i get leave without pay??

Please reply sir...i am so confused and frustated...



Study Leave rules

I want to avail study leave for further studies. Can you please give me details regarding how to avail study leaves? Is there any specific set of studies only available for class-3 employees for which they can avail study leaves? I am bit confused after reading Circular of Railway's!  

Leave Rules

General conditions

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