Festival Advance

Increase in Festival Advance rate as Dearness Allowance crosses 50%

Railway Board Letter No
2011/E(LL)/FA/1 dated 18-07-2011
Circular Subject
Enhancement in the rate of Festival Advance as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.2011
Board’s letters No. E (LL) 2008/FA/1 dated 05.11.2008 and 05.05.2009


1. In accordance with the recommendations of VI CPC, the rates of various allowances admissible to different categories of railway staff were revised/doubled. The VI CPC while making recommendations in this regard had also recommended that the rates of these allowances will be increased by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance goes up by 50% Railway Board accordingly issued instructions in respect of Festival Advance vide letters referred to above.

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