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Syllabus for selection for the Post of Staff and Welfare Inspector

I. Organizational set up of Railways

1. Present status of Railway as a Transport organization and social responsibilities and evolving trends.

2. Organization of Railways, various units, departments, Divisionalization, Decentralization of authority, Role of Personnel Department vis-à-vis other departments.

3. Manpower planning, Training, Benchmarking.

Syllabus for LDCE for promotion to Group B post of AEE in Electrical Engineering Department

Syllabus for professional papers for 30% LDCE for promotion to Group ‘B’ post of AEE in Electrical Engineering Department

Paper – I

Job Profile of Commercial Clerk (CC)

Job profile

  • CC can be posted in Ticket Booking Offices (known as Booking Clerk) or in Goods Shed (Known as Goods Clerk). 

  • Booking Clerk issues tickets to Passengers (either traditional paper tickets or through computerized Unreserved Ticket System – UTS), book Luggage and parcels, supervise their loading and maintains concerned registers. Nowadays in some small stations Booking Clerk is also given additional charge of Computerized Passenger Reservation.

Job Profile of Staff and Welfare Inspector (Personnel Inspector)

Staff and Welfare Inspector is a supervisory job in Personnel department of Railways. He will be working under Personnel Officer (APO/DPO/SPO) and can be posted either in Divisional/Zonal Headquarters or in Production Units/Workshops.

Duties of Staff and Welfare

Fixation of Pay on Promotion

  • In the case of promotion from one grade pay to another in the revised pay structure, one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10. (Ref 2)

  • In the case of calculation of increments under the revised pay structure, paise should be ignored, but any amount of a rupee or more should be rounded off to next multiple of 10. (Ref 4)

Revised Percentage of of posts after Cadre Restructuring on Railways 2013

Annexure to Board’s letter No. PC-III/2013/CRC/4 dated 08-10-2013




Annexure to Board’s letter No. PC-III/2013/CRC/4 dated 08-10-2013

Job Profile Of Health & Malaria Inspector (HI)

  • Health and Malaria Inspector normally work in big railway stations or under a Railway Hospital.
  • Duties of HI are supervisory in nature and there will no night shift. He will supervise cleanliness of station and sanitation. He will have staff working under him for cleaning, sanitation. He will have to collect water samples and send lab for testing.  Malaria related duties previously assigned on HI are almost gone.

Recruitment (Ref 1)

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) Clarifications


1.   Loco Running staff (Ref  2)

As per promotional hierarchy in the category of Loco Pilots, the following grades are coming:

ALP-II (GP Rs. 1900)

ALP-I (GP Rs. 2400)

LPS-II (GP Rs. 2400)

LPS-I (GP Rs. 4200)

LPG-(GP Rs. 4200)

Combination of appointments and Dual Charge Allowance

  • An officer may be required to hold charge of a post in addition to his own post.
  • In such case in addition to his own pay he shall be entitled Dual Charge Allowance for additional post for a period of 6 months. • He may also draw sumptuary allowance of the post.
  • No additional payment if one is put to hold current charge of duties only. • Entitled for TA/DA for staying at the place of additional post.
  • Additional post may be of higher /equal/lower status.

Syllabus for 30% LDCE ACM Establishment and Financial Rules


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