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Syllabus for selection for the Post of Staff and Welfare Inspector

I. Organizational set up of Railways

1. Present status of Railway as a Transport organization and social responsibilities and evolving trends.

2. Organization of Railways, various units, departments, Divisionalization, Decentralization of authority, Role of Personnel Department vis-à-vis other departments.

3. Manpower planning, Training, Benchmarking.

Job Profile of Staff and Welfare Inspector (Personnel Inspector)

Staff and Welfare Inspector is a supervisory job in Personnel department of Railways. He will be working under Personnel Officer (APO/DPO/SPO) and can be posted either in Divisional/Zonal Headquarters or in Production Units/Workshops.

Duties of Staff and Welfare

The Payment of Wages Act 1936


Industrial Disputes Act 1947

Objectives of the Act

  • Investigation and settlement of Industrial Disputes.
  • Smooth working of the Industries.
  • Well being of workers.
  • Promotion of the growth of industries.
  • Promotion of cordial relationship between

Ø  Employer – Employee

Ø  Employee – Employee and

Ø  Employer – Employer


Period of absence of Railway employees sent for Periodical Medical Examination (PME)


The Minimum Wages Act 1948


  • To secure minimum rates if wages in employments where wages are low.
  • To prevent exploitation of unorganized labour.
  • To ensure prompt payment of wages and overtime.
  • To stipulate working hours,



Lumpsum awards for Railway Staff on acquiring higher qualification

  • The acquisition of certain qualifications will entitle Railway staff to be eligible for lumpsum incentives as shown in the following table.
  • Officers and staff  in Group "A"B", &  "C" will be eligible for these awards with the condition that he/she should remain in service for at least three years after acquiring higher qualifications.

Change of Category rules for Railway Employees

  • Requests should not normally be entertained for change of category to Commercial and other non-technical popular categories like Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Ticket Collector, Commercial Clerk, Sr. Clerk, Jr. Accounts Assistant, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, ECRC etc.  except in case of surplus staff and medically decategorised staff in any category.( Ref 5)

Compassionate Ground appointment

Industrial and Labour Laws


Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923

  • ECA is an act, which safeguards certain classes of employees against the risk in employment and payment of compensation for injuries sustained by them in accidents.


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