Pay Commission

Promotion of Group C Staff


1. Promotion within Group C

  • Made through Selection or Non selection method.
  • Posts are categorized into Selection or Non selection for Promotion purposes by Railway Board.
  • For non-selection posts selection is primarily done on the basis of seniority cum suitability whereas for selection posts it is done primarily  on the basis of  merits.  

2. Promotion from Group D to C

Stepping Up

  • When a senior employee draws lesser pay than his junior promoted after him his pay maybe stepped up to the extent of pay of his junior from the date of promotion of junior subject to following conditions.
  1. Junior and Senior belongs to the same cadre and promotion posts are identical and in the same cadre.
  2. Scales of pay of lower and higher posts are identical.
  3. Anomaly is a direct result of application of rules.
  4. Junior was not drawing more pay than Senior in the lower post.

Transport Allowance(TPA)

  • Transport Allowance (TPA) is paid to Railway staff to compensate the cost of commuting between place of residence and place of duty.
  • It is admissible to all Railway Employees who don’t have government travelling facilities/official vehicles at the following rates:

Grade Pay

Rate of Transport Allowance per month

Overtime Allowance

Principle of averaging

  • Avergaing shall be done by averaging the hours of work  over the averaging periods(that is a week in case of EI and two-weekly in case of Continuous and Intensive rosters).
  • This shall apply to: 

(i)   Running staff

(ii)  Operating staff

(iii) Shift workers

(iv) other Railwa employees whose work is connected with the work of any of these categories.

Salient features of 6th central pay commission recommendations accepted by Railways.

  • Pay scales revised from 1st January  2006. Allowances like HRA, CCA,NHA,NDA etc., at revised rates allowed from 1st September, 2008.
  • To remove stagnation, Running Pay Bands for all posts in the Railways introduced ( below Rs.26,000 in V CPC scales).
  • Four distinct running pay bands accepted – one running band each for all categories of employees in Group ‘C’ & ‘B’ with 2 running pay bands for Group ‘A’ posts.